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  • Studies in Humanistic Buddhism

Studies in Humanistic Buddhism

Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism at CUHK

English, Chinese , 2019/01

229 x 152 x 18 mm , 316pp ISBN / ISSN : 2223-800X

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This journal is no longer published by CUP. For Issue No.10, please refer to http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/arts/cshb/.

Studies in Humanistic Buddhism (SHB) aims to become a high quality academic publication on Buddhist and Humanistic Buddhist studies. It publishes researches that account for the historical, philosophical, cultural, theoretical and methodological examination of various Buddhist schools, from the traditional period to the contemporary era. SHB concerns topics relating Buddhism with society, politics, science and other current issues as well as the exploration of its relationship with modernization and globalization. We also welcome studies that integrate various Buddhist canons and doctrines with different historical courses.


The Journal covers topics of the following categories:

  1. Hermeneutic studies of Buddhist canons in connection with the theoretical foundation and practices of Humanistic Buddhism;
  2. Historical and philosophical studies of various Buddhist traditions and schools;
  3. Theoretical and methodological studies;
  4. Case studies on topics relating Buddhism with society, politics, economics, charity and other current issues;
  5. Book and article reviews.

Honorary Adviser

Venerable Master Hsing Yun (F.G.S. Foundation for Buddhist Culture & Education)

Chief Editor

Chen, Chien-huang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Executive Editor

Chien Kai-ting (National Tsing Hua University)

Advisory Board (In alphabetical order)

Buswell, Robert (University of California)

Deng, Zi-mei (Jiangnan University)

Dong, Ping (Zhejiang University)

Fujimoto, Kiyohiko (Jodo Shu Research Institute)

Huang, Xia-nian (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Kieschnick, John (Stanford University)

Lan, Chi-fu (Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies)

Liu, Ming-wood (The University of Hong Kong)

Lin, Chen-kuo (National Chengchi University)

Ma, Tian-xiang (Wuhan University)

Editorial Board (In alphabetical order)

Chen, Yong-ge (Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences)

Cheng, Gong-rang (Nanjing University)

Gong, Jun (Sun Yat-sen University)

Gu, Wei-kang (Buddhist College of Singapore)

Guang Xing (The University of Hong Kong)

Hou, Kun-hong (Academia Historica)

Hsu, Sheng-hsin (National Taiwan University)

Huang, Kuo-ching (Nanhua University)

Jones, Charles B. (The Catholic University of America)

Heller, Natasha (University of California)

Kan, Zheng-zong (Fo Guang University)

Lai, Hsi-san (National Sun Yat-sen University)

Li, Yu-chen (National Chengchi University)

Liao, Chao-heng (Academia Sinica)

Park, Young-hwan (Dongguk University)

He, Yan-sheng (Koriyama Women’s University & College)

Tu, Bao-rui (National Taiwan University)

Ven. Jue Wei (Nan Tien Institute)

Wen, Jin-yu (Renmin University of China)

Wu, Guang-zheng (Wuhan University)

Xiao, Yue (Research Institute of Bukkyo University)

Yao, Zhi-hua (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Call for Papers

Studies in Humanistic Buddhism

1.   The Studies in Humanistic Buddhism (SHB) publishes scholarly papers and book reviews on a wide range of topics in the fields of Buddhist studies. From Issue 7 onwards, one issue will be edited and produced per year. The submission deadline is August 31st. Printed copies will be completed in December.

2.   Submitted papers will be evaluated in the normal double-blind process and peer-reviewed by experts in relevant research field. The author should avoid including in the paper any information that might reveal his/her identity, and will be informed if the paper is deemed either acceptable or unsuitable. All submitted manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

3.   SHB will not accept any published work regardless on papers or on the internet unless with the editorial board’s permission. Conference papers are accepted only if they have not been published before.

4.   SHB accepts papers written in traditional Chinese character within 25,000 characters, and in English within 15,000 words. Book review should normally be no more than 5,000 characters/words. All papers in Chinese should be written in the SHB style. Submissions in English must follow The Chicago Manual of Style. An abstract and keywords should be written in both Chinese and English, and reference is necessary. Papers should be emailed as an attachment in Word as well as in PDF format to the email address given below.

5.   Plagiarism is forbidden. All quotation from both firsthand and secondhand references should be given sources in details. SHB disclaims responsibility for any dispute caused by author’s plagiarization.

6.   Please fill in the form found on the Centre’s website with your Chinese and English name, institution, professional title, address, telephone, fax and email address and send it to us together with your paper. 

7.   SHB entitles to change the style of accepted papers. Submitting authors should revise their papers according to editorial board's suggestion.

8.   The decisions of the editorial board are final.

9.   SHB proclaims the right to compile and publish the papers from SHB in a relevant collection.

10.  No fee will be charged or provided for publishing your paper in SHB. All authors whose papers are accepted will be presented five copies of SHB on publication.


By Post:   "Studies in Humanistic Buddhism" Editorial Board,

                  Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism, Room 204,

                  Fung King Hey Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong

Email:        cshb@cuhk.edu.hk (Please title "Paper Submission")

Tel:            (852) 3943 5938

Fax:          (852) 2603 5621

Issue 9, 2018
Issue 8, 2017
Issue 7, 2016
Issue 6, 2014
Issue 5, 2013









印順導師與印光大師的淨土觀點比較—— 以「契理契機」與「稱名念佛」為核心






爭吃「唐僧肉」,相煎何日休?—— 中國當代「消費佛教」現象批判





學愚《佛教、暴力與民族主義—— 抗日戰爭時期的中國佛教》




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| Special Issue on Charity |

On the Tradition of Dāna: From Ancient India to Contemporary

Shi Chueming (Liu Lifeng)











Issue 3, 2012
Issue 2, 2012
Issue 1, 2011

Notes from the Editor

Xue Yu




Unskillful Karma: Environmental Pollution as Ignorance in Action

Frank J. Hoffman

Humanity and Nature––Buddhist Reply for Contemporary Environmental Crisis

Xue Yu












David L. McMahan. The Making of Buddhist Modernism.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008

Chan Fang Michael

Donald S. Lopez Jr.

Buddhism and Science: A Guide for the Perplexed

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008


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