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To ensure a safe and great online shopping experience for our customers, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press has provided the following assistance and established the Terms and Conditions of Use. Please note that by using the services of the website of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, you agree that you have read the following terms, and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press reserves the right to amend the following terms without prior notice, and of final decision on all matters of dispute. Your continued use of the services of the website of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press after the effective date of the revised terms constitutes your acceptance of them.

In case there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

Last Update: 2023 Feb 10

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Shopping Procedures

  1. Press 'Add to Cart' to put your chosen item into the shopping cart.
  2. View your shopping cart by clicking the orange box at top right corner. Press 'View Cart' if you would like to proceed to checkout.

  3. Confirm or modify the items in your shopping cart. Before checkout, estimate the delivery charge and enter the coupon/gift certificate code (some of them may require customer login). Proceed to checkout.
  4. Provide billing and delivery details.
  5. Choose your delivery method. (Please refer to “On Delivery” for more details.)
  6. Choose your payment method. We accept payments made by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay) and cheque in HKD or USD. Please refer to “Payment Methods” for more details. 
  7. Checkout after confirming the order details. 

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Payment Methods

1. We accept payments made by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay) and cheque in HKD or USD.

2. Payment Security: The payment is made through Bank of East Asia (BEA) online payment gateway under a Secure Payment Page operated by Joint Electronic Teller Limited (JETCO). To maximize security, the system adopts Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption for data transfer to ensure a secure flow of information between you and BEA.

3. To pay by cheque, please send a crossed cheque in HKD or USD payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong” with the invoice to:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Lady Ho Tung Hall

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sha Tin, N.T. Hong Kong SAR

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Should I create an account for placing an order?

No. Guest Checkout is allowed in our system. By creating an account, you can view your order history and keep track of the order. You can also save more than one address in the account for faster checkout in the future.

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How can I know my order status?

Normally, an automated email of confirmation will be sent to your mailbox within three business days after the order is established and paid. Another automated email with tracking number will be sent once the parcel is dispatched. The number can be used on the Hongkong Post’s Track and Trace for checking the status of the parcel. 

Automated emails might be classified as spam. Please be reminded to check the spam folder or junk mailbox. If you do not receive any confirmation emails within three business days after the order is established and paid, please inquire at cup-bus@cuhk.edu.hk. 

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When will I receive the product?

Normally, the purchased product will be dispatched in seven business days after the automated email of confirmation is sent. Delivery time might vary depending on shipping method and destination, and might also be delayed under circumstances such as pandemics or public holidays. Please refer to “On Delivery” for more details.

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Terms and Conditions of Use

A.      Purchase of Pre-order or In-stock Product

1. All product prices and postage on our website are listed and payable in U.S. dollars.

2. When placing an order, please ensure the information you enter is accurate, including the quantity of product, delivery address and contact information. Please note that the order cannot be cancelled or changed after the order is established and paid, including but not limited to cancellation of such order or change of product quantity.

3. During promotional period, please be reminded to enter the specific coupon or gift certificate code to receive the offer when placing an order. The offer is not valid unless the code is properly entered when placing the order. Such offer cannot not be re-issued after the order is established and paid.

4. If the stock of the ordered and paid product is unavailable, we will notify you of order cancellation and full refund arrangement by email. No extra handling fee will be charged.

5. We accept payments made by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay) and cheque in HKD or USD. We shall not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility for any credit card error and partial or total loss during the transaction. Please contact relevant payment platform for any inquiries.

6. The product price, stock level and promotional offer shown on our website may be incorrect due to system delay of reflecting the update. Even if the order is established and paid, we reserve the right to cancel or revise the order with incorrect details.

7. The product images shown on our website are for reference only, and the actual product may vary. 

B.      On Delivery

1. Each order can only be delivered to one address. Please order separately if multiple products are to be sent to other address.

2. No in-store pickup at CUP Bookstore would be arranged after the order is established and paid.

3. We shall not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility for any lost parcels caused by wrong address or personal information provided by customers.

4. If the shipped product is returned to Hong Kong for any reasons, extra postage will be charged upon request for re-sending that product. You will be informed of the re-sending procedure and charge by email and will be arranged for the delivery upon receipt of payment.

5. Unless stated otherwise, delivery is provided by local postal service or courier. The risk of damage or loss, and title to such items shall pass to customers upon our delivery to the carrier. We shall not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility for any damage or loss in respect of goods in transit.

C.      Return, Exchange and Refund

1. Order that is established and paid cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, unless the order fulfills the following criteria and customer provides details for such request:

i. Product damaged or defective  (Except for: (i) books that are published long time ago with yellowing pages or molds ; (ii) books that are marked “defective” on the product page at the time of purchase) 

ii. Missing product

iii. Wrong product

iv. Website error 

2. We will only accept the exchange of product with the same binding and edition as the purchased product, or product of the same value as the purchased product.

3. If you choose to return or exchange your purchased product, discount offered will not be refunded.

4. To request a return, exchange or refund, please send an email to cup-bus@cuhk.edu.hk within seven days of receiving the product. The email subject should include the order number and request, such as "#33333 Request for Product Exchange". Reason of such request must be provided with photo(s) attached as evidence.

5. After the request for return or exchange is reviewed and accepted, we shall bear the delivery and miscellaneous costs of such product.

6. If your reason of refund request does not meet the conditions  of C)1, once the request is reviewed and accepted, 10% of the refund amount will be charged as handling fee. 

7. After the request for refund is reviewed and accepted, we will issue the refund. It normally takes 10-14 business days for your financial institution to make funds available in your account.

8. You cannot request a return, exchange or refund for more than once for a single order.

9. We do not accept the following criteria for return or exchange:

i. Request made more than seven days after receipt of the purchased product

ii. Rejecting purchased product due to personal preference

iii. Request without the provision of photo clearly showing the condition of the product to be returned or exchanged

iv. Purchased product with man-made stain or damage, or obvious sign of being used. 

D.      Privacy Policy Statement

      We are committed to protecting your privacy. We shall not use any of the information you enter in our website for any direct marketing purposes. We ensure that the personal data we collect, use, retain, transfer, and access will be in accordance with the Data Protection Principles set out in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap 486.

E.      Force Majeure

      We shall not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility for any resulting delivery failure or delay of product caused by the force majeure event including but not limited to natural disasters, war, strikes, disease outbreak, enforcement of government order or law, Internet failures, embargoes, accidents and other events beyond our control.

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On Delivery

1. Normally, we deliver the product by Hongkong Post. Delivery charge is calculated with reference to the latest standard rate of Hongkong Post.

2. We offer overseas delivery where the regions and countries are included in the service area of Hongkong Post. Delivery time for particular remote areas might be longer. Please refer to the normal delivery schedule of Hongkong Post for more details (counted from the date the parcel is posted). Announcements of service delay or suspension can be found in their What’s New.

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