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  • Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening

A Hong Kong Gardener's Journal

Authur van Langenberg

English , 2005/12 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: General Interest, Sciences

285 x 210 mm , 177pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-261-6

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Living in a crowded city need not mean uprooting one’s connection with Nature. Arthur van Langenberg takes the mystery out of city gardening. He shows, in down-to-earth terms, how it is possible to connect with Mother Earth while managing with restricted spaces, the elements and pests which include birds, dogs, cats and the occasional philistine neighbour.

Established gardeners and rank beginners alike will find something helpful among these pages, which are sprinkled with anecdotes, recipes, photographs, illustrations, home-grown humour and grass-roots philosophy. Non-gardeners will also enjoy this celebration of nature and ecology in words and pictures.

If you belong to the huge Hong Kong diaspora, perhaps this journal will renew your acquaintance with some well-loved plants or spur you on to grow your own Chinese vegetables such as pak choi or choi sum. Help lies within the pages.

The index includes over 200 plants which he has either grown himself or has closely observed. Written in clear and simple language, this journal is a true companion to the nature lover.

Arthur van Langenberg has continued from where he left off in 1983. In that year he wrote Urban Gardening for Hong Kong after discovering there was no existing gardening manual suitable for Hong Kong. This new book, written as a personal journal, is the result of notes, observations, trials and errors, and information he has gathered since that time.

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, he had simple beginnings: flower pots on window sills, wooden packing crates in verandahs, dragon urns at entrances, eventually graduating to a small garden.

In the 1980s he was the gardening correspondent for the Asia Magazine which was distributed as a weekend supplement in many cities in the region. He is a surgeon by profession.

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