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  • Salon Salon 沙龍沙龍 (bilingual) (out of stock)

Salon Salon 沙龍沙龍 (bilingual) (out of stock)

Fine Art Practices from 1972 to 1982 in Profile– A Beijing Perspective, 1972–1982年以北京為視角的現代美術實踐側影

Edited by Liu Ding (劉鼎) and Carol Yinghua Lu (盧迎華)

Bilingual , 2019/05 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Art Criticism, China Studies

287 x 216 x 38 mm , 660pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-237-089-0

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Salon Salon unfolds a narrative about Beijing’s art scene in a decade from the late period of the Cultural Revolution to the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up (1972–1982)––a period that is considered as a brand-new start for contemporary Chinese art. It focuses on the continuous influence of the ideological structure of socialist realism in China on the practice and discourse of contemporary Chinese art; how artists and their pieces engaged in “internal exile” wherever possible amidst a harsh political environment, feeling out and defining the tense relationship between art and politics or adjusting their individual standpoints. This book also attempts to discover hidden crevices in the existing narratives of contemporary Chinese art history, to serve as starting points for rethinking.

Liu Ding is an artist and a curator based in Beijing. His work has been shown at numerous major art institutions and has participated in international exhibitions

Carol Yinghua Lu is a Ph.D. candidate of the University of Melbourne and the director of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum.She is also an art critic and the contributing editor of Frieze Magazine.

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