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  • 信仰是/不是這樣的 Seeking Truth Beyond Facts 3 (中英對照)

信仰是/不是這樣的 Seeking Truth Beyond Facts 3 (中英對照)

蔡頌輝 Andrew Chai

Chinese , 2021/10 Ming Feng Press

Tags: 宗教

228 x 152 x 15 mm , 176pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8165-59-9

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In the past few years, a phrase is being used in church community, that is: "down to earth", emphasizing that Christians, as the people.of God, cannot be "like castles in the sky", always talking about things out of time and space. That's right. Although theology sometimes sounds mysterious and difficult to discuss, personally, I have always believed in and experienced its impact on life, and thus am trying hard to narrow this imaginary distance between theology and life in the understanding of ordinary people. To do this, we must work hard to implement these truths of the Bible, so that we can experience them, as well as to constantly observe and reflect on the phenomena around us. God not only speaks through the Bible, but also through people and things that we encounter and through the Holy Spirit who lives in us.


Rev. Andrew Chai, missionary of Europe Campus Ministry, also a lecturer, cartoonist, songwriter and columnist. He graduated from Chinese Evangelical Seminary (ThM), and is now serving Chinese students in Germany. He started drawing faith cartoons in 2007, and preached through drawing since 2012, he is a famous cartoonist both online and offline. He is the author of Examine Your Spiritual Life, Seeking Truth Beyond Facts, Seeking Truth Beyond Facts 2 etc.

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