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1. Please ensure the information you enter is accurate, including the quantity of product, delivery address and contact information. The order cannot be cancelled or changed after the order is established and paid. You may refer to “Customer Service” for other Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Please enter the recipient’s phone number applicable to the sending country or region to prevent misdelivery.

3. Normally, we deliver the product by Hongkong Post. In view of flight or ship adjustment due to the current coronavirus situation, delivery might be subject to delay.

4. Extra time is required for processing and delivery of mail items under control measures of the epidemic in the Mainland. Counting from the date the parcel is posted, it takes 2 weeks for Speedpost to be delivered, 3 weeks for Airmail, and 6-7 weeks (2 weeks for parcels to Shenzhen) for Surface. Please reach local Post Office or Customs for latest information.

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