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  • Carnival of Animals 動物嘉年華(Bilingual Edition 中英雙語版本)

Carnival of Animals 動物嘉年華(Bilingual Edition 中英雙語版本)

Xi Xi’ s Animal Poems 西西的動物詩

Xi Xi.Edited by Ho Fuk-yan.Translated by Jennifer Feeley 西西 著.何福仁 編.費正華 譯

Bilingual , 2022/07 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature

280 x 220 mm , 92pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-237-265-8

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Most of Xi Xi’s animal poems featured here are new works written during the past few years. Full of whimsical ideas, they embody the notion of “all humans are siblings, and all things are companions,” brimming with warmth and compassion. These poems could be described as bright and cheerful, approachable, clever and fluid, humourous, and deep with meaning, written as though the author is able to directly communicate with animals. Overall, they serve as a voice for animals, showing that they are able to coexist equally and peacefully, resulting in a “carnival of animals.” More than twenty young Hong Kong artists and illustrators have been invited to join this project, with each poem accompanied by different illustrations, their styles of illustration totally distinct, not limited to any particular form, presenting multiple heterogeneities. 

Reading Xi Xi’s poetry and seeing the artists’ interpretations, coupled with the reader’s own imagination and understanding, results in a polyphony of various voices—this is how literature and art should be. Xi Xi’s works are widely read throughout the Sinophone world and have won numerous awards. She is the first Sinophone Hong Kong writer to win a major international poetry prize, including the Newman Prize for Chinese Literature in the United States and the Cikada Prize in Sweden. This poetry collection follows in the footsteps of her unique books The Teddy Bear Chronicles and Chronicles of Apes and Monkeys, demonstrating another kind of animal writing.

This book is suitable for young readers, as well as adults who appreciate literature and art. 






費正華(Jennifer Feeley),耶魯大學東亞語言和文學所博士,曾翻譯多部作品,其中英譯西西詩選《Not Written Words 不是文字》曾獲得美國文學翻譯協會Lucien Stryk亞洲文藝翻譯大獎。


Xi Xi (also known as Sai Sai), penname of Cheung Yin, was born in Shanghai in 1937. In 1950, she moved to Hong Kong. After graduating from the Grantham College of Education, she worked as a primary school teacher for several years before retiring to focus on writing full-time. Her fiction and poetry have won numerous awards throughout the world, including the Creative Writing Award for the 1st Hong Kong Arts Development Council Awards for Literature in 1997; Sin Chew Daily’s Hua Zong Literary Award in 2005; Author of the Year at the Hong Kong Book Fair in 2011; the Commitment Award of the 4th Hsing Yun Global Chinese Literary Award in 2014; and the Newman Prize in Chinese Literature (Poetry) at the University of Oklahoma in the United States and the Cikada Prize in Sweden in 2019. 


Ho Fuk-yan is a Hong Kong writer and poet. His poetry collections include Interview with a Dragon, If It Wasn’t an Apple That Landed on Newton’s Head (first-place winner of the the 1996 Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature [Poetry]), Flying Prayer, Frog in Residence at the Confucius Family Tomb, and Love in the Time of Coronavirus. 


Jennifer Feeley holds a PhD in East Asian Languages and Literatures from Yale University. She has translated several books from Chinese into English, including Not Written Words: Selected Poetry of Xi Xi , which won the 2017 Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize. 

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