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  • Journal of Translation Technology

Journal of Translation Technology

Published by The Department of Translation of CUHK and The Chinese University Press

English, Chinese

229 x 152 mm ISBN / ISSN : 2411-5061

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The Journal of Translation Technology is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the publication of current and original research papers in all areas of translation technology. The language of publication is English, Chinese, or other languages.


EDITOR: Chan Sin-wai 陳善偉 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Board Members:

Advisory Board:

Lynne Bowker (School of Translation and Interpreting, University of Ottawa, Canada), John Hutchins (University of East Anglia, United Kingdom), Alan K. Melby (Department of Linguistics and English Language, Brigham Young University, United States), Harold Somers (School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, United Kingdom), William S-Y. Wang 王士元 (Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

External Members:

Ralf D. Brown (Carnegie Mellon University, United States), Michael Carl (Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark), Kit Chunyu 揭春雨 (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong), Qian Duoxiu 錢多秀 (Beihang University, China), Shih Chung-ling 史宗玲 (National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan), Mark Shuttleworth (University College London, United Kingdom), Wu Daming 吳大明 (University of Leeds, United Kingdom), Yu Jingsong 俞敬松 (School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University).

Internal Members (at The Chinese University of Hong Kong):

Lawrence Wong Wang Chi 王宏志 (Chairman), Chong Yau Yuk 莊柔玉, Olivia Kwong Oi Yee 鄺藹兒, James George St. Andr?, Bai Liping 白立平, Hung Tao 洪濤, Chow Ian Castor 周志仁, Sharon Chu Shiao Ying 朱巧盈, Law Wai On 羅偉安, Li Bo 李波, Duncan James Poupard, Wang Ling 王淩, Michelle Ye Jia 葉嘉.

EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Sara Román Galdrán, Florence Li Wing Yee 李穎儀 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).

Notices to Contributors:

Contributions may be submitted all year round and should follow the format (including the main text, notes and references) of the published papers of JTT. Manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publication will not be accepted. Submission should be sent by post or electronic mail to the address: Journal of Translation Technology, Department of Translation, Room 109, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong. Tel.: +852-3943 7410; E-mail: sinwaichan@cuhk.edu.hk.

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