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  • Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese

Published for Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University

English, Chinese

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Vol 15.2 is the last issue of Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC) .

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC) is a bilingual journal published twice a year by the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University. This journal provides a forum for discussing issues related to any aspect of modern or contemporary literature in Chinese. It aims to contribute to scholarly discourse on Chinese literature written in and outside of Mainland China. It is hoped that, by placing Chinese and Western scholarship “back-to-back,” the journal will become a channel for fruitful interchange and dialogue among scholars in Asia, Europe and America.


Executive Editor
Wong Shuk-han, Lingnan University

Associate Editor
Christopher Lupke, Washington State University

Assistant Editor
Chris Song Zijiang, Lingnan University

Art Editor
Lee Ka-sing

Editorial Board
Rey Chow, Duke University
Liao Ping-hui, National Tsing Hua University
Liu Zaifu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
William Tay, Lingnan University  
David Wang Der-wei, Harvard University
Laurence Wong Kwok-pun   
Angelina Yee Chun-chu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Michelle Yeh, University of California, Davis

Advisory Board
Chan Ping-leung, Lingnan University
Michael Duke, University of British Columbia
Eugene Eoyang Chen, Lingnan University
Fujii Shozo , University of Tokyo
Howard Goldblatt, University of Colorado, Boulder
Hsia Chih-tsing, Columbia University
Joseph Lau Shiu-ming, Lingnan University
Leo Lee Ou-fan, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Gaylord Leung, Lingnan University
Liu Ching-chih, University of Hong Kong
Neils G. Malmqvist, Swedish Academy
John Minford, Chinese University of Hong Kong
David E. Pollard, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Anthony C. Yu, University of Chicago
Yu Kwang-chung, National Sun Yat-sen University

Guidelines for Submissions

1.     Manuscripts should be should be submitted via emails to chr@LN.edu.hk. The editorial office will issue a notice of review within 30 days. However, in the case of no reply within 30 days after submission, the paper is automatically rejected, and no further explanation will be given.
2.     Submissions should be original, hitherto unpublished, and not being considered for publication elsewhere. Once a submission is accepted, its copyright is transferred to the publisher.
3.     Footnotes should be typed single-spaced, and placed at the bottom of each page. Page number(s), the author’s name and the year of publication should be stated clearly. Manuscript styles should be consistent; authors are advised to consult the MLA Handbook for proper formats.
4.     Chinese names and book titles in the text should be romanized according to the pinyin system, and then, where they first appear, followed immediately by the Chinese characters and translations. Translations of Chinese terms obvious to the readers (like wenxue), however, are not necessary.
5.     There should be a separate reference section containing all the works referred to in the body of the article. Pertinent information should be given on the variety of editions available, as well as the date and place of publication to facilitate use by the readers.
6.     Care should be taken by authors to avoid identifying themselves on the first page, in the top or bottom margins, or in footnotes. A separate cover page with the title of the article, the name of the author and his/her institutional affiliation should be provided.
7.     Final versions of articles are to be submitted in a hard copy and a computer diskette.
8.     Book reviews should follow the same format as that for submitted articles: They should be typed and double-spaced, giving at the outset the full citation for the work reviewed, plus information about special features (like appendices and illustrations) and prices. Unsolicited book reviews are as a rule not accepted.
9.     Besides original articles and book reviews, review articles related to the evaluation or interpretation of a major substantive or methodological issue may also be submitted.
10. Contributors of articles will receive one complimentary copies of the journal.
11.  In all questionable cases, authors are advised to consult recent issues of the journal or direct enquiries to the Editor.

Vol.15, No.2, 2018


Special Issue

China on the Move: Travel, Exile, and Migration in Chinese Literature and Film of the 20th Century

Stephen Roddy, Frederik H. Green, Wei Menkus

Bamboo Branches Out West, Zhuzhici in Xinjiang

Stephen Roddy

Too Intimate to Speak: Regional Cinemas and Literatures

Victor Fan

The Torment of Exile and the Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Transnational Chinese Neo-Romanticism in Xu Xu’s Post-War Fiction

Frederik H. Green

The Contradictions of Exile: Escape, Testimony, and Ethics in Gao Xingjian’s One Man’s Bible

Sebastian Veg

Lost at Home: Jia Zhangke’s Journey toward Modernity

Wei Menkus

The Diaspora and the Nation: A Cultural Poetics of Re-membering in Lai Shengchuan’s Taiwan Trilogy

Jon Eugene von Kowalli

Transnational Film Production and the Tourist Gaze: On Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Café Lumière and Flight of the Red Balloon

Elliott Shr-tzung Shie

Frankenstein’s Migratory Subject: Under the Dome and Formosa vs. Formosa

Chia-ju Chang

JMLC Forum

Women and Dao in Gao Xingjian’s Works

Jianmei Liu

Gender Representations in Adaptations of Foreign Literature in the Republican Period

Liyan Qin


A New Incarnation-Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature

Zong-qi Cai

Vol.14, No.2, 2017, Vol.15, No.1, 2018


Special Issue: Chinese Poetry and Translation: Moving the Goalposts

Chinese Poetry and Translation: Moving the Goalposts

Maghiel van Crevel

Strong and Weak Interpretations in Translating Chinese Poetry

Lucas Klein

Can We Say an Ear of Cabbage: On Translating Wordplay in Xi Xi’s Poetry

Jennifer Feeley

Where You End and I Begin: Notes on Subjectivity and Ethics in the Translation of Poetry

Andrea Lingenfelter

Translating Migrant Worker Poetry: Whose Voices Get Heard and How?

Eleanor Goodman

Half-Heard Voices of the Primal Zone; Sleep and Walking in a Poem by Cao Shuying

George O’Connell with Diana Shi

Mapping Hong Kong’s Atlas

Christopher Mattison

Dog Barking at the Moon: Transcreation of a Meme in Art and Poetry

Cosima Bruno

The Transculturation of American Poetry in China, 1917-1937

Chris Song

Forms of World Literature and the Taipei Poetry Festival

Nick Admussen

The Cultural Translation of Battlers Poetry (Dagong shige)

Maghiel van Crevel

Vol.14, No.1, 2017



Homeless in the World: War, Narrative, and Historical Consciousness in Eileen Chang, György Lukács, and Lev Tolstoy

Roy Bing Chan


Old Tales, Untold: Lu Xun against World Literature

Daniel M. Dooghan


Translation in Distraction: On Eileen Chang’s “Chinese Translation: A Vehicle of Cultural Influence”

Christopher Lee


The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again) of Vernacular Happiness

Haiyan Lee


The Migrant Voice: The Politics of Writing Home between the Sinophone and Anglophone Worlds

Kenny K.K.Ng


A Critical Review of Japanese Scholarship on Modern Chinese Fiction and Translation Studies

César Guarde-Paz


The Translated Identities of Chinese Minority Writers: Sinophone Naxi Authors

Duncan Poupard



Vol.13, No.1-2, 2016



Special Issue: Popular Literature and Transnational Circulation




Kuo Wei CHEN (陳國偉) and Yan, Vivien WEI (魏艷)


政商夾縫中的右傾文人 : 五、六○年代黃思騁文學活動研究 = A right-wing writer trapped in politics and business : a study of Huang Sicheng's literary activities in the 1950s and 1960s

Yuen Mei, Fanny LI (李婉薇)


一九五○年代香港文藝副刊連載小說研究 : 以《香港時報》副刊為對象 = Serial stories in Hong Kong's newspaper literary supplements in the 1950s : a case study on the literary supplement of Hong Kong Times

Win Wei SHIU (須文蔚) and Na YEN (顏訥)


女俠形象的流變 : 以「女飛賊黃鶯」與「女黑俠木蘭花」及其影視改編為例 : 談四○到六○年代間偵探通俗文學從上海到香港發展的一些變化 = Transforming the image of female chivary : popular detective fiction : from the 1940s to 1960s, from Shanghai to Hong Kong, in "Huang Ying, the Female Cat Burglar" Series and "The Dark Heroine Mulan Hua" Series

Yan, Vivien WEI (魏艷)


越境出走 : 費蒙一九五○年代犯罪╱間諜小說中的香港 = Crossing borders : the Hong Kong in Fei Meng's crime/spy fiction from the 1950s

Kuo Wei CHEN (陳國偉)


性別化東方主義 : 女性沙漠羅曼史的重層東方想像 = Gendering orientalism : women's desert romance and the multiplicity of oriental imagination

Fang Mei LIN (林芳玫)


JMLC Forum


Disillusionment with Chinese culture in the 1880s : Wang Tao's Three classical tales

Xiaoling SHI


Madness in Southern China : illness as metaphor in Su Tong's The tale of the siskins and "Madwoman on the bridge"

Shuk Man LEUNG


Cultural Memories


Sinophone studies and beyond : an Interview with Shu-mei Shih

Te Hsing SHAN


Transculturating the modern : Zhang Ruogu's literary life in 1930s Shanghai

Shuo Win CHEN


Book Reviews


The lost geopoetic horizon of Li Jieren : the crisis of writing Chengdu in revolutionary China. By Kenny Kwok-kwan Ng



Shuqing Zhonguo lun 抒情中國論 [Discourses on lyrical China]. By Leonard Kwok Kou Chan 陳國球

Chia Ling MEI (梅家玲)


Identity and theatre translation in Hong Kong. By Shelby Kar-yan Chan

Wah Guan LIM


Notes on Contributors客席編輯及作者簡介

Vol.12, No.2, 2015



Special Issue: Literature in Circulation



Guest Editors 客席編輯

Andrea RIEMENSCHNITTER, Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Zurich

洪安瑞 蘇黎世大學東方研究院





傳譯、流散、游移 :「文學中的流轉」專號前言 = Transduction, dispersion, and excursion : a foreword to the special issue on "literature in circulation"

Kwok Kou, Leonard CHAN (陳國球)


廢名《橋》裡的小說方法論 : 兼論厨川白村的影響 = The methodology of Fei Ming's Bridge : with reference to the influence from Kuriyagawa Hakuson

Toshiyasu OGAWA (小川利康)


文藝與戰鬥,聲音與政治 : 大分裂時代中的「詩朗誦」與「朗誦詩」 = Art and war, voice and politics : poetry recitation and recitation poetry at the time of secession

Chia Ling MEI (梅家玲)


世界主義的沉思 : 論歐洲戰後保爾.穆杭小說及其中文翻譯的生成與傳播 = Rediscovering cosmopolitanism : Paul Morand's novellas after the Great War, their Chinese translation and transmission

Ho Yee, Connie KWONG (鄺可怡)


勤勞成貧 : 台北城殤小說中的台灣博覽會批判 = Diligence leads to poverty : the critique of Taiwan exhibition in Taipei urban fiction

Shu Qin LIU (柳書琴)


意識形態爭奪之所在 : 論繁露《養女湖》(1956) 及其改編電影之養女代言議題 = A field of ideological battle : on the issue of the adopted daughter in Lu Fan's novel Yangnü Lake and its filmic adaptation

Yu Ting WANG (王鈺婷)


西西《我城》中以空間為中心的香港想像與方式 = The space-centered imagination of Hong Kong and the methods of imagination in Xi Xi's My city

Hye Joon KIM (金惠俊)


JMLC Forum


丟了魂的人 : 蘇童書寫荒誕現實的方式 = Lost souls : Su Tong's rewriting of the absurd reality

Jianmei LIU (劉劍梅)


Cultural Memory


一九五o年代香港詞壇 : 堅社與林碧城 = Classical poetry in Hong Kong in the 1950s : Solidarity Club and Lin Bicheng

Hsiao Peng LU (魯曉鵬)


Book Reviews

Memory, violence, queues : Lu Xun interprets China. Eva Shan Chou



Lin Shu duben 林紓讀本. Wu Renhua ed. 吳仁華編



Notes on Contributors 客席編輯與作者簡介

Vol.12, No.1, 2014



Special Issue 專號


Guest Editors 客席編輯

Andrea RIEMENSCHNITTER, Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Zurich

洪安瑞 蘇黎世大學東方研究院





Ghost Talk in 1936: “Living Ghosts” and “Real Ghosts” in Republican-Era Literary Discourse and the Two Analects Fortnightly Ghost-Story Special Issues

說鬼 1936:民國文學話語中的「活鬼」與「真鬼」及《論語半月刊》的兩個 鬼故事專號

Jessica IMBACH, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich



Thai Horror Film: Ghosts, Archives of History/ies, “Real Life,” and Collective Trauma


Katarzyna ANCUTA, Graduate School of English, Assumption University



Haunted Time, Still Photography and Cinema as Memory: The Dream Sequence in Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

鬼魅時代,靜物攝影與作為記憶的電影:論《波米叔叔的前世今生》中的夢 境段落

Natalie BOEHLER, Institute of Film Studies, University of Zurich



Haunting Gaps: Gender, Modernity, Film and the Ghosts of Yotsuya Kaidan


Elisabeth SCHERER, Department of Modern Japanese Studies, Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf



A Ghost Tour in Rouge


FONG Ho-yin, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

方浩然 香港中文大學專業進修學院


Beyond Gothic: Ye Si’s Spectral Hong Kong and the Global Culture Crisis


Andrea RIEMENSCHNITTER, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich



Cultural Memory 文化記憶



Cultural Politics of Red Flowering Plum


LEUNG Ping-kwan


鬼魂傳說與香港地方記憶 —— 兼論敘述群體的轉變

Ghostlore and Local Memory of Hong Kong: The Shift of the Narrating Communities

陳雲根 嶺南大學中文系

CHIN Wan-kan, Department of Chinese, Lingnan University

Vol.11, No.2, 2014




I‧Special Issue: Layers of the Real: Lu Xun’s Wild Grass




Guest Editors 客席編輯

Nick ADMUSSEN, Department of Asian Studies, Cornell University

安敏軒 康奈爾大學亞洲研究系



Foreword: The Title of Yecao




Dreaming as Representation: Wild Grass and Realism's Responsibility


Roy CHAN, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Oregon

陳江北 俄勒岡大學東亞語言文學系



Intractable Paradox: Revisionism in the Chinese Reception of Wild Grass


Charles A. LAUGHLIN, University of Virginia

羅福林 弗吉尼亞大學



Lu Xun's Wild Grass: Autobiographical Moments of the Creative Self


Mable LEE, School of Languags and Cultures, University of Sydney

陳順妍 悉尼大學語言與文化學院



The Poetics of Hinting in Wild Grass


Nick ADMUSSEN, Department of Asian Studies, Cornell University

安敏軒 康奈爾大學亞洲研究系



II‧JMLC Forum 學報論壇




Melodramatic Imagination in Zhang Ling's Gold Mountain Blues and Its Trasnational Flows

林姵吟 香港大學中文學院

LIN Pei-yin, School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong




On Tang Xinmei's Translation of A Farewell to Arms

唐文 嶺南大學翻譯系

TONG Man, Department of Translation, Lingnan University



III‧JMLC Special 學報特約




A Life Borrowed in Translation: An Interview with Joseph Shiu-ming Lau

單德興 中央研究院歐美研究所、嶺南大學翻譯系

SHAN Te-hsing, Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica / Department of Translation, Lingnan University




Notes on Contributors

Vol.11, No.1, 2013




I‧Special Issue: Cultural Transformation of the 1950s: From Mainland China to Hong Kong




Guest Editors 客席編輯

SUN Yifeng Department of Translation, Lingnan University

孫藝風 嶺南大學翻譯系

WONG Shuk-han Department of Chinese, Lingnan University

黃淑嫻 嶺南大學中文系







Transition and Transformation: With Special Reference to the Translation Practice of Eileen Chang in the 1950s Hong Kong


SUN Yifeng, Department of Translation, Lingnan University

孫藝風 嶺南大學翻譯系



Literary Translation and Cultural Adaptation in Eileen Chang’s Screenplay Wuthering Heights

李文靜 香港理工大學中文及雙語學系

LI Wenjing, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Yuan Shuipai’s and Stephen Soong’s Anthologization and Translation of American Poetry

宋子江 嶺南大學人文學科研究中心

SONG Zijiang, The Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University



A Study of the Translation of Modernist Poetry in Literary Current Monthly Magazine

邱偉平 香港浸會大學翻譯學研究中心

YAU Wai-ping, The Centre for Translation, Hong Kong Baptist University



Ma Jiabo’s Realism – A Case Study on Hong Kong Art


LAW Suk-man, Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University


NG Ni-na, Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



II‧JMLC Forum 學報論壇




Home-coming in Wanders: On Ye Si’s (Leung Ping-kwan) New Fruits from Taiwan and the Literary & Artistic Dialogues between Hong Kong & Taiwan in the 1970s

陳建忠 國立清華大學台灣文學研究所副教授

CHEN Chien-chung, Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsinghua University


Translating Poetic Modernity: Zhou Zuoren’s Interest in Modern Japanese Poetry


Frederik H. Green, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, San Francisco State University

葛浩德 舊金山州立大學外國語言文學系

Vol.10, No.2, 2012




I‧ Featured Article 特約撰文



Bizarre Circuses, Barbaric Costumes: Hong Kong and the Aspirations of Translation


John MINFORD, Chinese University of Hong Kong

閔福德 香港中文大學



II‧JMLC Forum 學報論壇



Omens of History: Su Tong’s Southern Landscape and Dynastic Histories


Vivian Pui-yin LEE, City University of Hong Kong

李佩然 香港城市大學中文




The Silent Other – Re-exploring the Female Characters in the Works of Lü Heruo, Long Yingzong and Weng Nao

林姵吟 劍橋大學

LIN Pei-yin, University of Cambridge



III‧Special Issue: Translingual Cultural Liaison: Translation, Literature and Politics in Early Modern China




Guest Editors 客席編輯

Uganda Sze-pui KWAN, Nanyang Technological University

關詩珮 南洋理工大學

Lawrence Wang-chi WONG, Chinese University of Hong Kong

王宏志 香港中文大學







Legibility vs. the Fullness of Expression: Rethinking the Transformation of Modern Chinese Prose

正當性 vs. 表達的完滿:反思現代中文文論的轉化

Theodore HUTERS, University of California, Los Angeles




Taking Hope to China: An Example of Late-Qing Translation


Denise GIMPEL, University of Copenhagen




No True Men in the State: Pseudo/Translation and “Feminine” Voice in the Late-Qing


Michael Gibbs HILL, University of South Carolina





On Zhou Shoujuan’s “Movie Story” – The Translation of Early Euro-American Films and New Literary and Cultural Landscape, 1914-1922

CHEN Jianhua, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

陳建華 香港科技大學



翻譯與殖民管治:早期香港史上的雙面譯者高和爾 (Daniel Richard Caldwell, 1816-1875)

Translation and Colonial Rule: Daniel Richard Caldwell (1816-1875), the Duplicitous Translator in Early Hong Kong History

Uganda Sze-pui KWAN, Nanyang Technological University

關詩珮 南洋理工大學

Vol.10, No.1, 2010




Guest Editors 客席編輯

Christopher Lupke, Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Washiongton State University

陸敬思 華盛頓州立大學外國語言及文化系







Couching Race in the Global Era: Intra-Asian Racism in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Nick KALDIS, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University




Centering and Decentering Methodologies: Wang Anyi's Migratory Mythology and Descriptive Historiography


Howard Y.F. CHOY, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Wittenberg University

蔡元豐 文博大學外國語言文學系



Migrants in a Strange City: (Dis-)locating the China Imaginary in Post-1997 Hong Kong Films


Vivian LEE, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong

李佩然 香港城市大學中文、翻譯及語言學系



Traditional Culture and Contemporary Performance: Adaw Palaf's The Great Flood


Terence RUSSELL, Asian Studies, University of Manitoba

羅德仁 曼尼托巴大學亞洲研究系



Ambivalent Laughter: Comic Sketches in CCTV's "Spring Festival Eve Gala"


Jin LIU, School of Modern Languages, Georgia Institute of Technology

劉津 佐治亞理工大學現代語言學院




A Defense of the Novelist: Bao Tianxiao's Novel and Dilemma

明鳳英 加州州立大學長堤分校亞洲及亞美研究系

Feng-Ying MING, Asian and Asian American Studies, California State University, Long Beach



Heartburn on a Map Called Home: Yau Ching and the (Im)possibility of Hong Kong Poetry as Chinese Poetry


Jennifer FEELEY, Department of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Iowa

費正華 愛荷華大學亞洲及斯拉夫語言及文學系



JMLC Review 學報評論



Liu Yichang and the Temporalities of Capitalist Modernity


Kwai-cheung LO, The Humanities Programme and the Department of English, Hong Kong Baptist University

羅貴祥 香港浸會大學人文學課程及英文系



Reading Hong Kong Literature from the Periphery of Modern Chinese Literature: Liu Yichang Studies as an Example

從現代中國文學的邊緣看香港文學研究︰以劉以鬯研究為例 (Book Review 書評)

Amanda HSU Yuk-kwan, The Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University

許旭筠 嶺南大學人文學科研究中心



Liu Yichang's Bibliography


Compiled by the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University


Vol. 9, No.2, 2009




Guest Editors 客席編輯

Mingwei Song, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Wellesley College

宋明煒 衛斯理學院東亞語言及文學系

Shengqing Wu, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, Wesleyan University

吳盛青 衛斯里安大學亞洲語言及文學系



I‧Special Issue: The Obscure Decade: Literary Imagination and Political Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the PRC, 1949-1959



Guest Editors' Foreword 客席編輯序言


Essays 論文


Of Scars and National Memory

王德威 哈佛大學東亞語言及文明系

David Wang Der-wei, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University




The Land Reform in Chinese Fiction Since 1949

陳思和 復旦大學中國語言文學系

Chen Sihe, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University



People's Literature and the Construction of a New Chinese Literary Tradition


Krista Van Fleit Hang, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of South Carolina




The Taming of the Youth: Discourse, Politics, and Fictional Representation in the Early PRC


Mingwei Song, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Wellesley College

宋明煒 衛斯理學院東亞語言及文學系



"政治駕馭" 與 "市場主導" 下女性抒情散文之生產機制——以《中央日報.婦女與家庭週刊》的書信體專欄與徵文活動為例

Political and Market Pressures on the Production of Women's Lyrical Prose: The Letters Column and Reader-submitted Essays in the “Women and Family Weekly” of The Central Daily News

王鈺婷 國立清華大學臺灣文學研究所

Wang Yu-ting, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsing Hua University



Home and the Land: the "Native" Fiction of Zhong Lihe


T.M. McClellan, tThe Scottish Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Edinburgh




Special Column: Literary Memory 專欄:文學的記憶


Hong Kong, 1957

梁秉鈞 嶺南大學人文學科研究中心

Leung Ping-kwan, the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University




Reading the 1950s

嚴鋒 復旦大學中國語言文學系

Yan Feng, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University



II‧JMLC Review 學報特約評論



The Provocation of Dim Sum; or, Making Diaspora Visible on Film

如何在電影中呈現 "離散" ︰《點心》的啓示

Rey Chow, Departments of Modern Culture and Media, Comparative Literature, and English, Brown University; Visiting Professor in Literature, Duke University

周蕾 布朗大學現代文化與媒體/比較文學/英文系;杜克大學文學訪問教

Vol. 8, No.2 & Vol. 9, No.1, 2008


Editor: LEUNG Ping-kwan







This special issue is a collection of nearly 30 papers presented in 'The Identity, Issues and Development of Hong Kong Literature' International Conference held by Centre for Humanities Research and Chinese Department of Lingnan University in December of 2007, in which over 40 scholars from the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe and the US presented their papers. Also included are the records of the 'Study of Newspapers and Magazines' and 'Hong Kong Literature and Culture' round-table discussions held during the conference.






LEUNG Ping-kwan



I‧華文文學中的香港文學 Hong Kong Literature in Sinophone Literature




Hong Kong Literature as Sinophone Literature


SHIH Shu-mei




An Observation on Sinophone and Hong Kong Literature


LO Kwai-cheung




How to Define Hong Kong Literature: A Primary Question for the Writing of Hong Kong Literary History


WONG Wang-chi




The Writing of Literary History and the Position of Hong Kong Literature in Sinophone Literature


PENG Hsiao-yen




The Significance of Hong Kong Literature in the “Re-writing” of Chinese Literary History in the 20th Century


HUANG Wan-hua



II‧文學史及文學選本 Literary History and Literature Anthology




Towards Literary Consciousness – The Evolution of Hong Kong Literature after the 1950s


LIU Deng-han




The Preparatory Work for the Construction of Hong Kong Literary History


LEE Jui-teng




Anthologizing Hong Kong ──A Study of Hong Kong Fiction Anthologies


CHAN Kwok-Kou, Leonard




The “Hong Kong Elements” in Hong Kong Novels






Introduction to Cantonese Dialect Literature (1900-1970)


WONG Chung-ming



III‧華文文學中的香港文學 Hong Kong Literature in Sinophone Literature




The Portrayal of a Closed and Swinging City


Annie Curien




Remembering the North and Imagining the Revolution: Hong Kong Short Stories


Xu Zi-dong




History Trauma and Memory Exploration: Cultural Remains in Li Bihua's The Red String


HOYAN Hang-fung, Carole




The Origin and its Variant: Hong Kong Writers, Literature and Poetry


CHAN Chi-tak




The Cold War Era and Hong Kong Literature – Hong Kong Poems in the 1950s


WANG Guang-ming



IV‧文學場域:報刊、專欄、翻譯 Literary Field: Journals, Columns, Translations




Literary Relations between Hong Kong and Taiwan: A Personal View


LI Sher-shiueh




Early Chinese Periodicals and the Development of Hong Kong Literature





In Search of New Direction: Research on Hai Guang Literature





Round-table Discussion on the Study of Newspapers and Magazines




Hong Kong Columnist Shi San Mei: an (Exceptional) Case Study


FAN Sin-piu




The Diversification and Openness of Prose Writing – A Research on Hong Kong Literary Monthly (2000 – 2007)





The History of Wen Tan and Discussions on Liang Qinglan


CHENG Chun-wai, George



Article name


The Metamorphosis and Future of Column Writing in Hong Kong


KIM Hye-joon




A Study on Dai Wangshu's Translation of French Fiction during His Stay in Hong Kong (1938-1949)


KWONG Ho-yee, Connie




Murakami Haruki in Hong Kong






The Field of Knowledge Production and the Dissemination of Haruki Murakami in Hong Kong


KWAN Sze Pui, Uganda



V‧文學教育 Literary Education




The Problems of Literary Education in Secondary School Curriculum





The “Street Poems” of Leung Ping-kwan – The Teaching of Poetry in Secondary Schools


WONG Leung-wo




From Man to Book, and Book to Man – Reflections and Expectations towards Literary Texts


LEE Ka-kui



VI‧香港文學及文化 Hong Kong Literature and Culture




Round-table Discussion on Hong Kong Literature and Culture

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