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  • Global Change and the Commonwealth(out of stock)

Global Change and the Commonwealth(out of stock)

Edited by Yue-man Yeung

English , 1996/01 HKIAPS, Research Monograph Series Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK

Tags: Economics

228 x 152 mm , 487pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-441-526-1

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Contents: PART I. Introduction 1. Geography and the Commonwealth in a Changing World: A Silver Jubilee Overview -- ROBERT W. STEEL 2. Global Change: Challenges for the Commonwealth -- YUE-MAN YEUNG PART II. Socio-cultural Change 3. Sub-Saharan Africa in Crisis and the Need for a New Domestic Order -- M.B.K DARKOH 4. The Spatial Aspects of Political Change in South Africa -- A.J. CHRISTOPHER 5. Global Domicide: The Destruction of Home and Place -- J. DOUGLAS PORTEOUS 6. Globalization, Postmodernity and Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean -- ROBERT B. POTTER and GRAHAM M.S. DANN 7. Restructuring Oceania: Regional Reconfigurations of Economic and Political Relations in the Pacific -- JOHN OVERTON PART III. Technological Change 8. Radar Satellite Remote Sensing: A New Era in Global Monitoring -- J.T. PARRY 9. Sustainable Silvicultural Systems in the British Commonwealth, with Particular Reference to Guyana -- MICHAEL J. EDEN 10. Countering Land Degradation by Organic Methods: Prospects in Commonwealth West Africa -- EDWIN A. GYASI 11. Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Non-adoption of New Water Harvesting Technology among the Dryland Communities in East Africa -- J.P. MSANGI PART IV. Economic Change 12. Flying from Empire to Commonwealth, 1919-1994 -- PETER J. RlMMER with SANDRA M. DAVENPORT 13. Ethnicity and the New Economic Policy in Malaysia: A Penang Case Study -- JILL EYRE and DENIS DWYER 14. Globalization and Trading Strategies in the South Pacific -- GUY M. ROBINSON 15. Britain's Farm to Global Seller: Food Regimes and New Zealand's Changing Links with the Commonwealth -- MICHAEL ROCHE 16. Privatization of State Entities and the Re-emergence of Multinationals in Guyana: New Trends and Conflicts in a Divided Society -- PATRICK E. WILLIAMS PART V. Physical Change 17. Global Change ad Water Resources Management in Africa: Problems and Prospects for the 21st Century -- LEKAN OYEBANDE 18. Socio-economic and Socio-cultural Impacts of Climate Change and Sea level Rise in West and Central Africa -- O. OJO 19. Snow Melting Variation and Regional Environmental Change: A Micro-level Study of Himalayan Rivers -- B. W. PANDEY and R.B. SINGH.

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