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  • Memories of Peking 城南舊事 (中英對照)

Memories of Peking 城南舊事 (中英對照)

South Side Stories

By Lin Hai-yin (林海音) / Translated by Nancy C. Ing and Chi Pang-yuan

English, Chinese , 2002/07 Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Translation, Bilingual, Bilingual Series on Modern Chinese Literature

213 x 140 mm , 336pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-012-4

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In 1960, Lin published the collection of stories Memories of Peking: South Side Stories and established her name in Taiwan's literary circle. Based on five sequential stories of a Taiwanese family living in Peking in the 1920s, the collection portrays the adult world through the keen eyes and innocent mind of a little girl, Ying-tzu. The sense of loss and bewilderment, which arouses the child's awareness of the uncertainties of human relationships, even of life itself, and which finally catapults the child away from childhood joys into the sorrows of the adult world, is handled with great sensitivity and lyricism. Memories of Peking: South Side Stories became an immediate success and was eventually adapted into a movie by the Shanghai Film Studio in 1982. 

1960 年林海音出版小說集《城南舊事》,隨即奠定了她在台灣文壇上的基礎。本書由五個順序的故事組成,描寫一個台灣家庭於1920年代旅居北京的故事,透過主人翁小英子熱切單純的眼睛觀察她周遭的成人世界。林海音以細膩、抒情的筆觸,描寫本來天真無憂的小英子慢慢領略到人際關係和生命的無常,在迷失和困惑中,告別了童年。《城南舊事》出版後立即成為膾炙人口的作品,並在1982年由上海製片廠改編拍攝為電影。

Lin Hai-yin (1918–2001), born in Japan, grew up in Peking and finally settled in Taiwan in 1948, was a prolific writer, editor and publisher. She is well known for her perception and humor, and was adroit in her use of short sentences marked by a rapid and vivid pace.


Nancy C. Ing (1920–2017), one of the translators, worked as editor of The Taipei Chinese PEN., for twenty years (1972-1992) and was the Publisher of the magazine. The other translator.

Chi Pang-yuan (1924– ), is Professor Emerita of English Literature at National Taiwan University and the chief editor of An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Literature. This bilingual edition also carries an introduction by Dr. Peng Hsiao-yen of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan.


林海音(1918–2001),出生於日本,成長於北京,1948 年起定居台灣,是一位多產的作家、編輯和出版人,以觀察入微,遣詞幽默,善用短句,節奏輕快,用語靈活而聞名。


本書兩位譯者,殷張蘭熙曾任台灣中華民國筆會英文季刊 The Taipei Chinese PEN 總編輯達二十年之久(1972–1992),曾為該刊出版人;齊邦媛為台灣大學外文系榮休教授,曾主編《中國現代文學選集》。此中英對照本尚有台灣中央研究院研究員彭小妍博士新序,以為導讀。

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