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  • Notes on Poetry from the Ginger Studio

Notes on Poetry from the Ginger Studio

Siu-kit Wong

English , 1987/01 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature

229 x 152 mm , 222pp ISBN : 978-962-201-402-2

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For his contributions to philosophy and historical studies Wang Fuzhi (1619-1692) has long been recognised as a major writer of the seventeenth century China. His stature as a critic, however, has come to be more fully understood only in the recent decades. Wang is both a very traditional critic and a highly original one. For this reason he offers to English reader not only an accurate impression of Chinese literary criticism in general but also unexpected insights into the possibilities of poetry. In patricular the role he accords the reader invites comparison with recent literary theories. Notes on Poetry from the Ginger Studio is an introduction to Wang's poetics and comprises translations of some of his finest critical writings together with the author's running commentary which examines Wang's place in the Chinese tradition and suggests comparisons with European criticism.

Siu-kit Wong was educated in Hong Kong and at Oxford where he was awarded the D. Phil degree in 1970. His previous publications include Early Chinese Literary Criticism (Hong Kong, 1983).

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