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  • (Out of Stock) Three Wishes in Bardo

(Out of Stock) Three Wishes in Bardo

Winner of the Proverse Prize 2017

Feng Chi-shun

English , 2018/11 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Fiction, Novel

184 x 122 mm , 224pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8491-41-4

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THREE WISHES IN BARDO draws an intimate picture of twentieth century Hong Kong while telling the story of a typical Hong Kong bright boy and his devoted mother. It is also a story of scientific labour and discovery, where single-mindedness, integrity, talent and skill rise from the mire of academic sharp-practice and envy. Different strands of the plot weave together to form a climactic ending where all characters’ lives resolve into fulfilment with a touch of humour and true catharsis created from genuine surprise.


“This exploration of a Eurasian boy’s early life in Hong Kong, and his later troubled career as a neuroscientist in America, contains elements of realism and detective mystery along with Buddhist fable and modern fairy tale—an unconventional mixture that makes for a diverting read. And, in spite of moments of sadness and darkness, it is a story ultimately suffused with good karma.”

—David Diskin, Proverse Prize winner 2011, author of The Village in the Mountains.

“Expect the unexpected. Expect...Karmic Fiction! ... expect details, grand narrative sweeps, and a menagerie of varied characters!”

—Lawrence Gray, Proverse Prize winner 2015, author of Adam’s Franchise, Cop Show Heaven, and Odds and Sods.

“An emotional, entertaining and educational tale very well written. Strongly recommended.”

—Dr Paul Murray

"Three Wishes in Bardo is a simple, clever story that will appeal particularly to those who remember post-war English Hong Kong."

—Bill Purves

FENG CHI-SHUN was born in Wuhan, China, and grew up in Hong Kong. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong’s medical school, he went to the US for specialist training. He enrolled in the pathology training program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. After obtaining his specialist qualification, he stayed on in the US to work. For thirteen years, he lived through a tumultuous period of culture shock, experiencing unforgettable encounters with colourful characters. His last job was with the Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he worked for the Department of Health as a consultant, and later as a private pathologist at St. Paul’s Hospital, until his retirement in 2010. He plays golf, tennis and ping-pong. Late in life, he developed an interest in writing. He contributes to local English newspapers as a columnist and has published three books to date: Diamond Hill (2008), Hong Kong Noir (2010), and Kitchen Tiles (2015).

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