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  • (Out of Stock) Professor Everywhere

(Out of Stock) Professor Everywhere

A Proverse Prize Publication

Nicholas Binge

English , 2020/04 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Fiction, Novel, Science Fiction

210 x 145 mm , 282pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8491-84-1

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Chloe Chan is just about to give up on finding any real scholars at University when she starts to hear the rumours about Professor Roland Crannus. Spoken about in the whispers of conspiracy, the enigmatic Professor is idolised by students as the pinnacle of modern intellectualism – more myth than man. 

Drawn in by the mystery, and desperate to know more, Chloe follows the Professor into an academic labyrinth of clandestine mysteries and untold possibilities. But as her obsession with the Professor grows, she finds that someone, or something, hunts her through this maze. Plunged into an otherworldly chess game of linguistics, anthropology and quantum theory, Chloe is quickly forced to question everything that she once thought true.

Ten years on since the tragedy in London, Professor Crannus is now a household name. His discoveries and actions litter the pages of our newspapers and our history books, but much of what he did is still shrouded in cover-up and conspiracy. For the first time since the catastrophe that shook the world, Chloe Chan chooses to share her story.

PROFESSOR EVERYWHERE is a sci-fi mystery novel, combining the academic thrills of The Da Vinci Code and the literary style of Ted Chiang's Story Of Your Life.


“Just step through that door and remember that when it closes behind you, everything turns to fiction and no longer exists except in your own mind: mad or sane.”

—Lawrence Gray, Founder, Hong Kong Writers’ Circle, Winner of the Proverse Prize 2015, author of Adam’s Franchise, Cop Show Heaven, and Odds and Sods.

“The real trauma of Professor Everywhere...involves our readerly alignment with Chloe [Chan]: a contemporary Icarus who lives to recall her epic fall.”

—Jason S Polley, Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Baptist University. Jason S Polley, Wing Kin Vinton Poon, and Lian-Hee Wee (eds). Cultural Conflict in Hong Kong: Angles on a Coherent Imaginary. Palgrave, 2018. 

 “A playful exploration of how we see the world...we are asked to question much of what we take for granted.”                                                                         

“a nightmarish world of corridors and doors appearing and disappearing, a surreal underworld that could have been taken from a Greek myth.”

—David Stephens, Professor of International Education, University of Brighton, UK, Author of Purely Academic 

 “A wide metaphor of our times and of the infinite faces that the academic world can take.”

—Pedro Llosa Vélez, Author of award-winning The Visit 

NICHOLAS BINGE is an author and educator currently living in Hong Kong. Born to British parents in Singapore, he has always had a close affinity with Asia. 

Most of his younger years were spent on the outskirts of Geneva in Switzerland, a country as different from Singapore as you could imagine. It was here that his love of literature really started, hiding under duvets late at night with a torch, enraptured by books that demanded not to be put down.

After leaving school, he attended the University of Warwick for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies and soon found himself teaching English in the Midlands. After a couple of years teaching in the UK, he moved to Hong Kong in search of new opportunities and new challenges. 

He now lives in Hong Kong with his wife and child. He reads and writes every morning, even if many of those pages never see the light of day. He spends his days hoping to engender the same love of literature in his students that has burned in him ever since he was young. He is still never happier than when he is with a book.

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