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  • (Out of Stock) H/ERO/T/IC BOOK

(Out of Stock) H/ERO/T/IC BOOK

By Marta Markoska, Translated by Aleksandra Spaseska

English , 2020/03 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Poetry

210 x 145 x 4 mm , 60pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8491-96-4

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Thematic poetry collection with author's biographical introduction. About relationships and, after a mastectomy, rediscovering herself in her altered body, proving to herself her renewed worth as a sexual and sensual woman.

In H/ERO/T/IC BOOK, Marta Markoska writes about her passionate but tragically-ended story with her ex-husband, the devotion and loving support of one man, and her experiences with a few other men after her marriage ended, while she was struggling with the process of surviving breast cancer. She wrote these poems as she underwent a series of aesthetic surgeries and worked at the gym to develop her body to its best perfection. In these poems, she rediscovers herself in her altered body, proving to herself her renewed worth as a sexual and sensual woman.

Those who have read her metaphysical poetry collection, Black Holes Within Us, will not be disappointed. She again calls the universe into play, as both the context for her love and as providing a means for its expression. Witty and explicit, but also devoted, romantic and tender, the poems give a voice to those women who lack either the language or the courage to express and share their own experiences and emotions. Maybe the poems also encourage greater insight and self-awareness in sisters worldwide.


 “Poems with a palpable sense of passion which flips between love and hate, between hectoring and urging on the beloved, between repairing the breach and declaring the breach a necessary part of the exchange. Lyrics which are almost over-the-top but  exhibit enough restraint to complete their ritualistic impetus: to exorcize as well as to celebrate.” 

 —Andrew Simpson Guthrie, Author of Alphabet

“Markoska draws on scientific, geological, mathematical and astronomical metaphor, making for an intelligent discourse within a subjective realm.”

—Hayley Ann Solomon, Author of Celestial Promise and Under the Shade of the Feijoa Trees

“Woven into Markoska’s poetry are both philosophy and wisdom, each of which is essential for humanity to re-vision sexual experience. Each poem certainly has the power to awaken in us the deeply buried divine wisdom of the original and authentic functioning of the human body.”

—Elbert Siu Ping Lee, Author of Rain on the Pacific Coast

 “In lyrical language, Markoska works her love of words into expressions of love, lust, desire, tenderness and savagery within the sphere of physical intimacy. She explores closeness and loss, rapture and pain through exciting and surprising imagery. A celebration of the body eclectic."

—Joy Al-Sofi, a Proverse Poetry Prize winner, 2016

Macedonian writer, MARTA MARKOSKA, b. Skopje 1981, with a background in General and Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, and published in these areas, is also known as an award-winning poet and short story writer. Markoska is also well known to audiences with her Late Night Show named Marta’s Palace and from The Campaign to show the Beauty of a Woman After Breast Cancer, which she is launching at the very same time as publishing H/ERO/T/IC BOOK.

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