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  • Web-based Teaching and English Language Teaching

Web-based Teaching and English Language Teaching

A Hong Kong Experience

Cynthia Lee, George Jor, Eva Lai

English , 2005/08 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Languages & Linguistics, Education

229 x 152 mm , 120pp ISBN : 978-962-996-174-9

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The Internet or the Web is a powerful teaching tool but the effects of teaching and learning on the Web remain unknown to many English teachers and researchers. It is widely believed that the Internet or the Web facilitates synchronous communication, language learning and self-learning because of its flexibility in learning and choice of optional materials, as well as flexibility in teaching, such as presenting visual materials. However to what extent does the new medium influence teaching and learning? What is its impact on pedagogy and learning process? How could stakeholders and learners benefit from the new medium?

This book is the result of a large-scale English learning project –– Multimedia English Learning Website (MELW), a Teaching Development Grants project (competitive bids) funded by the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong. It discusses IT revolution in the world, education and English language teaching; outlines the new challenges and problems in education facing stakeholders; explores the influence of IT on teaching with an emphasis on English teaching; and studies the impact of IT on both teaching and learning based on the authors’ experience on the MELW project. The book also provides a list of selected websites on a variety of topics for readers’ reference, and a link to the demonstration website that illustrates the design and activities of MELW (http://www.melw.hkbu.edu.hk).

Cynthia Lee is Associate Professor of the Language Centre of Hong Kong Baptist University. She has been actively involved in developing Web-based learning materials for students and teachers. Her research includes discourse analysis, cross-cultural pragmatics, IT in English Language teaching and learning, and second language teaching and learning.

George Jor is Senior Instructor of the English Language Teaching Unit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He was also a Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar (1997-1998).

Eva Lai the former Programme Director of the English Section of the Independent Learning Centre (ILC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research includes self-access learning, Web-based instruction, reading comprehension, second language acquisition and teacher education.

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