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  • Why I am Not a Painter 之所以我不是畫家 (Out of Stock)

Why I am Not a Painter 之所以我不是畫家 (Out of Stock)

Of the Film 電影這回事

Christopher Doyle 杜可風

English , 2018/08 MCCM Creations

Tags: Art, Film, Photography

180 x 120 mm , 260 + 196 pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-77238-9-9

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Out Of Stock

A two-volume collection – words and images of the cinematographer Christopher Doyle

Vol I  Why I Am Not A Painter

For Christopher Doyle, language is a way to review, refine, and reform.  Words come from the creative experience and the cinematic space. They are what the process of film-making suggests to him.

100+ texts, 18 collages, and 5 videos


Vol II  Of the Film

To film is to catch the ephemeral.

60+ images taken on film sets, and 30 texts

DOYLE, Christopher  杜可風

Christopher Doyle has been creating beautiful imagery on film over the past four decades, and is regarded by many as one of the greatest cinematographers. He left his native Sydney at the age of eighteen, became a deck hand on Norwegian cargo ships, a cowboy at a Kibbutz in Israel, a quack doctor in Thailand, and then a green agriculturalist in India before making his home in Hong Kong.

He’s been known as Du Ke Feng – like the wind – since the late seventies.  The name is derived from The Analects of Confucius which says a man of ‘quality’ should be like the wind.

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