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  • What's The Matter With Energy

What's The Matter With Energy

A story of space, time, matter, energy, and energy conversion

Joseph Y. Hui


Tags: Sciences

205 x 295 x 14 mm , 252pp ISBN / ISSN : 9780996626606

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“Let’s live a comfortable but sustainable life.” –Solar Man

Among the problems the world faces today, I consider the three E's: Energy, Environment, and Education to be my mission to solve. This book is my answer to these problems. I survey as much as I can the nature of energy. I focus on inventions since antiquity to collect, store, convert, and use energy. Many of the inventions described are mine, put in the context of a proposed paradigm shift that I call personal energy. Personal energy focuses on human needs in 6 areas: water, electricity, environment, food, information, and transportation. We should live comfortable, yet sustainable. My goal is to reverse the Thomas Edison centralized model of power generation and distribution, to be replaced by local collection, storage, conversion, and use of energy. The energy source should be primarily renewable, assisted by fossil fuel as a backup energy supply. We cannot keep trashing up the earth. I tell the story from the point of view of scientists and engineers. I focus on their purposes. Science comes from a love of nature. Engineering comes from a love of mankind to solve their daily problems. I wrote this book for our young people. They are our best hope to improve our world in the 3 E's. I want them to learn for 5 reasons: curiosity about the world, fun of learning, faith in their ability to reason and invent, love of mankind by helping people through innovation, and a pursuit of the infinity and beyond. This book is full of stories of famous scientists and engineers. Their ideas are explained in simple English. Each topic is laid out on 2 pages in full view. Each topic has a simple equation such as F=Ma, made easy to understand with a numerical example. I use plenty of big colorful pictures. 

Joseph Hui attended MIT, obtaining his BS, MS, and PhD degrees all in a short 6 years. He then worked at Bell Labs, Bellcore, and IBM before joining Rutgers University where he became Professor of Electrical Engineering. He became ISS Chair Professor of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. Professor Hui is a prolific inventor. His master thesis was patented as an energy and bandwidth efficient modulation and error control code on the Intelsat 6 satellite. His PhD thesis entitled "Fundamental Issues of Multiple Accessing" laid the theoretical foundation for modern wireless communications such as GSM, CDMA, and UWB, for which he held fundamental patents. While at Bell Labs and Bellcore, he made important discovering in broadband networks and switching, on which he wrote a first graduate level textbooks and filed important patents. He also has many patents filed on mobile ad-hoc networks, cloud computing, and computer virtualization technologies. He wants to solve the most urgent problems of the time: Energy, Environment and Education. The result of his persistent pursuit resulted in many patents on solar energy, heat engines, batteries, water purification, and transportation He retired his chair professor in 2014 to devote himself full time to help people all over the world live a comfortable yet sustainable life through his inventions. His many inventions are coming to the market, including a personal AC system, a turbine driven super car, and a distributed energy system call the Firefly. Firefly technologies produce combined cooling, heating, power, pressure, work, and water. He believes he will start the fourth industrial revolution based on the Firefly technologies. The revolution is based on a revolutionary spiral heat turbine. His motto is "Energy is sexy", and his turbine has the 10'S properties: Smart, Small, Simple, Scalable, Strong, Safe, Saves, Smooth/Silent, Stores, and therefore Stylish/Sexy. This book summarizes his years of thinking on energy and the environment. It gives the big picture, but is encyclopedic enough to teach you everything you want to know about energy. This book also describes 13 of his basic inventions on energy, in the application areas of water, electricity, environment, food, information, and transportation. He also appears in public as the super hero Solar Man, draped in a cape that is the Arizona flag. He drives around town in a yellow Tesla Roadster that is powered by a solar energy collector. Currently, he is modifying the collector to be powered by both concentrated solar power as well as propane. He is passionate about energy and climate justice for the poor. His fourth industrial revolution reverses the centralized electricity generation model of Edison and Tesla, to be replaced by the model of personal energy. Personal energy is a local collection, storage, conversion, and use of clean energy. He wants to industrialize Africa with his Firefly technologies, without the use of big power plants and grids. He plans to send energy and environment ambassadors to poor parts of China, India, and Africa. The Solar Man Motto is "fighting for fair and affordable solar power of the people, for the people, and by the people." He invites you to join this revolution. Save the planet. Save the poor from energy poverty and environmental disasters. You can start by reading this book "What's the Matter with Energy". Written simple and colorful, you will be inspired to help people live comfortable and sustainable. Reading this book will inspire in you a passion for science and technology. You will learn the art of invention, driven by curiosity and a love of people and their welfare. Find not the answer to a question. 

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