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  • (Out of Stock) Mentoring Reversed: The Road To Creativity And Imagination

(Out of Stock) Mentoring Reversed: The Road To Creativity And Imagination

Peter Gregoire

English , 2017/11 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Novel

220 x 145 mm , 196pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8228-74-4

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Reverse mentoring has been doing the rounds in the corporate world for some years now, where it is used to introduce senior management to new technology and social media as business tools. Yet this only scratches the surface of what reverse mentoring can achieve.

Throwing two generations together in a reverse mentoring relationship creates one of the most powerful problem-solving dynamics at our disposal. It also provides a means for lifelong learning and controlled imagination. Most importantly, it can act as a key step in the character development of both participants and an opportunity for both to reflect on their true purpose in life.

MENTORING REVERSED demonstrates how, through reverse mentoring, it is possible to build a deep understanding across generations and embed the values of diversity, humility, creativity and imagination into the culture of any organization.




“A profound insight to how reverse mentoring blends youth with experience to produce practical problem solving.”

– Thomas Ng Cheuk Lam, Founder of Practelligence


“An eloquent fusion of history and practical modern day guidance.”

– Emma Duncombe, Senior HR professional

PETER GREGOIRE is a lawyer and author who lives and works in Hong Kong. His previous books include bestselling novels The Devil You Know and Article 109. Peter is a previous winner of the Proverse Prize and the Standard/RTHK short-story competition. His Tedx talk ‘The Road to Imagination and Creativity? About Reverse Mentoring’ can be viewed on YouTube and serves as the inspiration for this current work, which he dedicates to his cousin Anthony Fernandes.

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