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  • 57 points of inflection (Out of Stock)

57 points of inflection (Out of Stock)

19th Graduation, Master of Architecture, CUHK

Edited by LEI Weng Kei Apple, et al.

English , 2015/09 School of Architecture, CUHK

Tags: Architecture

230 x 150 mm , 352pp ISBN : 978-962-8272-16-7

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2014- the Year of Inflection in our society.

2014 - also the Year of Graduation in our architectural studies.

80 days of Umbrella Revoluation; 14 days of Class Boycott Campaign; during the 235 days of our final year study journey. We witnessed the resistance. We witnessed the unity. We witnessed the change in this era of Inflection in our society.

The 57 projects in this Graduation Book present to you the reflections and our reactions at this Point of Reflection. Yet this is not the end. Our projects have only marked the beginning  and welcomed the dawn of a new era. We will remember what brings us here; and with this experience, we will master this Point of Reflection and be the architects of our generation.

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