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  • 方圓天地 Universe within Inches (Out of Stock)

方圓天地 Universe within Inches (Out of Stock)

麥氏贈鏡 Bronze Mirrors Donated by Prof. MARK Kai-keung

Edited by LI, Sammy Kin-sum

English, Chinese , 2017/08 Art Museum, CUHK

285 x 210 mm , 152pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-19492-3-3

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Out Of Stock

This bilingual catalogue with full colour illustrations is published in conjunction with the exhibition “Universe within Inches: Bronze Mirrors Donated by Prof. MARK Kai-keung”. This catalogue features 41 cast bronze mirrors to illustrate the development of Chinese mirrors from the Warring States to the Qing period, revealing a rich array of shapes and decorations that are little known. 

The author, Dr. Kin Sum (Sammy) LI, Assistant Professor of the Department of History in Hong Kong Baptist University, is an emerging authority on Chinese bronze mirrors. This scholarly catalogue investigates the design of bronze mirrors through multiple perspectives, and demonstrates the history of the production and dissemination of bronze mirrors. 

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