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  • (Out of Stock) HK HOLLOW

(Out of Stock) HK HOLLOW

Dragoş Ilca

English , 2017/04 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: Novel

215 x 139 mm , 184pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8228-69-0

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HK HOLLOW begins as a simple love story – love lost and love found – that records its bizarre elements in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

Carina and Guy are a young couple from Prague, studying in Amsterdam, who find themselves even more estranged when Guy leaves to spend a semester in Hong Kong. There, he meets Ling Fei-yan, a Chinese literature student. It doesn’t take long for Guy to notice how much she reminds him of Carina – and to start liking her.

 “A street- and book-smart novel of ideas.”

Jason S Polley, Associate professor, Department of English,

    Hong Kong Baptist University

“Dragoş Ilca writes with both the innocence of the tourist discovering a new world everyday and also with the passion of an addict.”

Vlad A. Gheorghiu, author and translator

 “Dragoş Ilca ... writes like the artistic love child of Kafka and Machado de Assis.”

Jonathan Gill, University of Amsterdam

Dragoş Ilca was born and raised in Romania. At nineteen, he left to study literature in Amsterdam. At twenty-two he became a teaching assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he currently lives.

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