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  • 香港視覺藝術年鑑2015 Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2015

香港視覺藝術年鑑2015 Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2015

唐錦騰 編

2016/10 Department of Fine Arts, CUHK

265 x 210 mm , 327pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-7055-26-6

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Launched in 2000, Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook, bilingual in Chinese and English supplemented by images, is the most comprehensive annalistic tool book for Hong Kong Visual Arts.

The Yearbook is comprised of two sections, "Essays" and "Chronicles". The former is made up of contributions from academic experts who draw comprehensive commentaries while focusing on selective local visual art issues. The latter gathers and catalogs all types of visual arts events of the year. "Essays" are subjective observation and analysis on a broad scope; "Chronicles" are microscopic listing of objective data. These two are interdependent of yet complementary to each other.' (Front Flap)

於2000年初次出版,至今已逾十載。中英文雙語印行,圖文並茂。為迄今最全面的香港視覺藝術編年工具書。 分為「專題論述」和「視藝記事」兩大部分,編集全年本地藝術家於本地及海外的視藝活動,並結合學者專家的分析論文:一為宏觀主觀的觀察陳述;一為微觀客觀的數據縷述,兩者互相依存,互為補充。 (摘錄自書皮瓣)

Essays | 專題論述

1. 鄧海超〈曇殊居士香江緣 鄧芬與香港〉
"A Destined Relationship: Deng Fen and Hong Kong" by Tang Hoi-chiu
2. 黃小燕〈回望「社區」轉向:香港藝術的社會實踐〉
"Community Turn: Social Practice in Hong Kong Art" by Phoebe Wong 
3. 張煒森〈藝術空間的新興年代:以小型的自營藝術空間為例〉
"The Emerging Era of Art Spaces: Taking Small-scale Artist-run Spaces as Examples" by Eddie Cheung
4. 溫麗娜〈趙少昂的生平與藝事〉
"The Life of Zhao Shao’ang and His Art" by Nina Wan
5. 黃宇軒〈雨傘運動與視覺藝術:從佔領區到藝術領域和社會世界〉
"On the Umbrella Movement and Visual Arts: From the Occupied Areas to the Art Field and the Social World" by Sampson Wong
6. 楊秀卓〈有關觸感藝術的思考〉
"Some Thoughts on Touch Art" by Ricky Yeung

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