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  • Poetry and Conflict (Twenty-Two Volume Set)

Poetry and Conflict (Twenty-Two Volume Set)

International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2015

Edited by Bei Dao, Shelby K. Y. Chan, Gilbert C. F. Fong, Lucas Klein, Christopher Mattison, Chris Song

2015/11 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 109 mm ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-722-2

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Edited by Gilbert C. F. Fong, Shelby K. Y. Chan, Lucas Klein, Bei Dao, Christopher Mattison, and Chris Song, the Poetry and Conflict twenty-two volume box set is an extended edition of the single-volume anthology. Included are twenty-two pocket-sized paperbacks and a complimentary USB (incl. video clips and photos of the previous IPNHK) encased in a fine paper box, containing works by each of the poets included in the anthology, accompanied by English and/or Chinese translations. This collection seeks to make accessible the best of contemporary international poetry with outstanding translations. Each of the twenty-two volumes can be purchased separately.

International Poet Title
Mohammed Bennis (Morocco) Silence
Chen Li (Taiwan) The Image Hunter
Peter Cole (USA) Song of the Shattering Vessels
Najwan Darwish (Palestine) Sleeping in Gaza
Jean-Michel Espitallier (France) Make war not war
Gemma Gorga (Spain) Semantics and Nutrition
Kim Hyesoon (South Korea) The Salt Dress Inside Me
ko ko thett (Burma) the burden of being bama
Étienne Lalonde (Canada) Because the sky was real
Lau Yee-ching (Hong Kong) Performance Art
Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia) What We Have Said Haunts Us
Agi Mishol (Israel) Between the Trees and the non-Trees
Noriko Mizuta (Japan) Poem in Blue
Les Murray (Australia) The Tin Wash Dish
Fernando Pinto Do Amaral (Portugal) Scotoma
Gleb Shulpyakov (Russia) Prado
Song Lin (China) Song of Exploring the Waterways
Yoko Tawada (Japan) a Poem for a Book
Anne Waldman (USA) Hungry Ghost
Wang Xiaoni (China) To Another World
Ghassan Zaqtan (Palestine) The Dead in the Garden
Fan Sin Piu,Chan Chi Tak, Cheng Ching Hang, Ng Mei Kwan,  
Lau Wai Shing, Liu Wai Tong,  Chris Song, Chow Hon Fai,
Jacky Yuen, Zeit Fong
Hong Kong Night

Poets include Mohammed Bennis, Lau Yee-ching, Agi Mishol, Les Murray, Anne Waldman, Wang Xiaoni, Ghassan Zaqtan, and others. 

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