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  • China's American Daughter (Hardcover)

China's American Daughter (Hardcover)

Ida Pruitt (1888-1985)

Marjorie King

English , 2006/03 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Biography

229 x 152 mm , 326pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-057-5

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Ida Pruitt, born of American missionaries and raised in a rural Chinese village at the end of the nineteenth century, witnessed almost a century of China's revolutionary upheavals. She was the first Director of Social Service at the Peking Union Medical College, where she established social casework in China. She later served as the executive secretary of the American Committee in Support of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, the only U.S. aid agency to provide support to both Nationalist and Communist regions during the Chinese Civil War. She was also one of the early advocates for U.S. diplomatic recognition of the People's Republic of China. Her two notable books, A Daughter of Han: the Autobiography of a Chinese Working Woman, Ning Lao T'ait'ai and Old Madam Yin: A Memoir of Peking, 19261938, have become classics in Chinese Studies and Women's Studies.

China's American Daughter: Ida Pruitt (18881985) tells the story of this remarkable woman, and brings a unique perspective to the study of modern Chinese history.

Dr Marjorie King is Visiting Scholar in the Department of East Asian Studies Department, University of Arizona. Her research interests are in American religious and secular reform in late 19th-20th century China, and the revived Chinese Industrial Cooperatives. She has published on American missionary women, the Rockefeller Foundation's Peking Union Medical College, and the American Committee for the Promotion of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives.

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