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  • (Out of Stock) All Agog In China

(Out of Stock) All Agog In China

Stuart McDouall

English , 2014/11 Proverse Hong Kong

Tags: General Interest

210 x 145 mm , 312pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-8227-30-3

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The author and his wife, Susanna, after each had retired, decided to go on a tour of China, beginning from the end of January 2012. It was an open-ended tour with a loosely-planned itinerary. In the event, it took five months. They both came away with the feeling of having only scratched the surface of all the wonders there are to experience in China. The more they explored, the more they realised there was to see and do.

Stuart McDouall is one of six children born into an army family in 1950 and experienced postings to foreign parts from an early age. Upon finishing school he followed the footsteps of his two older sisters, signing up for Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and becoming a VSO teacher in the Falkland Islands in 1968/69. There he developed a sense of adventure which has never left him and which prompted him to take the next major step in his life; joining the Royal Hong Kong Police as a probationary inspector at the tail-end of 1970, aged twenty-one.

In a career spanning thirty-five years, McDouall worked in several different spheres of policing, beginning with shift work as a duty officer and taking charge of a divisional patrol unit. He graduated from detective training and spent the next twenty years in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), principally in the Triad Society, Criminal Intelligence and Narcotics Bureaus. In 1997, at the time when the sovereignty of Hong Kong was returned to the People's Republic of China, McDouall was acting Chief Superintendent in charge of the Police Training School.

Retiring from active service in 2005, McDouall obtained a diploma in education and took up teaching in a secondary school for a while. At the same time he was in charge of the English-speaking Scout groups in Hong Kong.

He married in 1975 and has two sons.

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