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  • The opaque god 神翳(Out of stock)

The opaque god 神翳(Out of stock)

Gu Tao 顧桃

Chinese , 2010/01

Tags: China Studies, Religion

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Guankouni is a 74 years old lady and also the only surviving Oroqen shaman. She has used to put the tributes in the shrine every first day or the fifth every month according to the traditional way to worship the gods. After a recovery from illness, an idea came to her that she hoped to find the heritor in her lifetime to carry on the ancient religious culture. Young people today no longer believe in God is the biggest obstacle to find the successor. She targeted on her daughter Daisy and son Jurong ... 

The results become unpredictable since the local government influenced in the succession ceremony. . .

關扣尼今年74歲了,是鄂倫春族唯一健在的薩滿,每到初一或者十五,關扣尼都要在神位上放上貢品,按傳統的方式祭拜神靈,一場病癒之後,關扣尼有了心事,希望在有生之年,能找到薩滿的傳承人,把這種古老的宗教文化繼承下來。現在的年輕人已不再篤信神靈是關扣尼尋找繼承人最大的障礙。她把目標放在了女兒菊花和兒子舉榮的身上… … 


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