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  • Moving 搬屋 & Rice Distribution 平安米(Out of stock)

Moving 搬屋 & Rice Distribution 平安米(Out of stock)

Tammy Cheung 張虹

Chinese , 2003/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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Moving 搬屋

Ngau Tau Kok Estate is one of the oldest and largest public housing projects in Hong Kong. Most of the residents are either elderly and live alone, or working class families. Since 2001, after the government announced its plan to redevelop the area, residents have been gradually relocated to new housing estates. Following two social workers who work with the residents as they deal with the relocation, the film offers is a glimpse of the lives of old people. It is a group portrait of our parents and grandparents ( & Rice Distribution).


Rice Distribution 平安米

The Ghost Festival takes place during the seventh lunar month. The gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who wander the world seeking food. During this month, Chinese pay tribute to their ancestors and offer food to the deceased to appease them and ward off bad luck. 

In Hong Kong, besides staging ceremonies to honor the dead, many Taoist organizations also give away rice to the elderly and the poor. The rice distribution depicted in this film was one of the largest events, and attracted over 8,000 people. The event was scheduled to last from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. In order to ensure a place in the line, most of the participants arrived before dawn.



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