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  • Wild Days 在街上晃(Out of stock)

Wild Days 在街上晃(Out of stock)

Wei Xueqi 衛學奇

Chinese , 2009/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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Xiaolong and Tala were ruffians who feel pound walking on the street. Tala stole a DV, Xiaolong fell in love with the girl in the DV tape. By chance, he met her, Yu Qian, a girl who was studying drawing. She studied in the same studio as Wang Hui. When developing friendship with Xiaolong, she indeed loved her teacher. The thirst and shyness for love has cast shadow on the young girl's life. And Wang Hui had also lost in the swirl of love and jealousy. Tala hurt someone and had to run away police. Xiaolong helped Tala's escape, and asked gang members to resolve the problem. Tala had once again returned the town.


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