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  • Juvenile Laborers Confined in Dabao 大堡小勞教(Out of stock)

Juvenile Laborers Confined in Dabao 大堡小勞教(Out of stock)

Xie Yihui 謝貽卉

Chinese , 2013/01

Tags: China Studies, Politics

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After Sichuan Daily reporter Zeng Boyan was labeled a rightist in 1958, he was sent to Shaping Farm in E'bian County, Leshan, Sichuan to be re-educated though labor. It was there that he witnessed several hundred other teens wander about the virgin forests before the farm, performing heavy labor as he did. He was completely shocked. Before long, these children and others who had been taken in from around Sichuan were sent to Dabao Operation Zone, a section of Shaping Farm, to commence their work-study re-education career. Then, these children were hit with the brutal impact of the great famine sweeping across China.


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