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  • Licoes de Processo Civil I 民事訴訟法 (一)

Licoes de Processo Civil I 民事訴訟法 (一)

Candida da Silva Antunes Pires

2005/01 University of Macau

Tags: Law

230 x 164 mm , 540pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-99937-26-63-0

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The original title is Lições de Processo Civil I. This book is the Portuguese version of Civil Lawsuits I as well as one of the “Books of Legal Series” by Faculty of Law (FLL) of University of Macau. This work is written according to the third year courses of the bachelor’s degree of law in Portuguese in 2004/2005 of FLL of University of Macau. Its content covers different materials about civil lawsuits. It is a reference book that used for teaching, learning and studying. It plays the function of textbook, teaching materials, explanatory note, classical work and great research achievement to students, teachers, and researchers in the field of law as well as the law circles.
本書為《民事訴訟法Ⅰ》葡文版,是澳門大學法學院 “法律叢書”系列之一。此著作根據澳門大學法學院二零零四 / 二零零五學年葡語法律學士學位第三年的課程編寫而成,內容涵蓋有關民事訴訟法的不同資料,是用於敎學、學習及硏究的參考書籍,為法律領域的學生、敎師、硏究人員以及法律界提供敎科書、講義、註釋、專著以及其他硏究成果。

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