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  • Before and After Suzie

Before and After Suzie

Hong Kong in Western Film and Literature

Thomas Y. T. Luk, James P. Rice

English , 2002/01 New Asia Academic Bulletin New Asia College, CUHK

Tags: Art, Literature

229 x 152 mm , 192pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8072-09-5

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Since the 1930s, Hong Kong has crept into Western cinema and literature, represented or constructed according to the whims of the Western gaze. However, recently, Hong Kong has enjoyed a more conspicuous place of international focus, represented by a more "native" voice and has become assertive in shaping its self-image. In the afterglow of Hong Kong's first Oscar success, it seems appropriate to look back on how Hong Kong has been represented and constructed by outsiders, to distinguish these historical representations from the modern representations of Hong Kong projected to the outside world from the city itself. This Project constitutes the first collection of essays to focus exclusively on the theme of Hong Kong in Western film and literature. The essays are organized into four parts which indicate the ensuing discussion of various factors, aesthetic, racial, sexual, economic and political, that have underpinned Hong Kong's imaginary construction by the "West."

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