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  • One and Six 一個和六個(Out of stock)

One and Six 一個和六個(Out of stock)

Li Guang 黎光

Chinese , 2007/01

Tags: China Studies, Women

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The March 8th is only a regular day. It doesn't mean anything in itself; it is just a day of the year, only that it is a holiday created by us, International Women's Day. This film documents the life of a girl who works as an elevator attendant and that of six young ladies who work in the field of literature and art on March 8th, 2006.

3 月 8 日僅僅是一個日子,它本身其實沒有什麼特殊的意義,就是一年當中的一天,只是被人為地賦予了一個節日——「三八國際勞動婦女節」。因此,本片以它為一個時間的標誌,在 2006 年 3 月 8 日這一天,記錄了一個做電梯工的女孩子和幾個文藝女青年的生活……

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