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  • Remote Mountain 遠山(Out of stock)

Remote Mountain 遠山(Out of stock)

Hu Jie 胡傑

Chinese , 1995/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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In the mountains of China's Qinghai province, there are countless small coal mines. The miners are all rural people from nearby and their bodies are covered in coal dust from the 30 dan of coal they must dig out each day to earn 500 RMB a month. The film records how they labor and the sounds of their heavy breathing and what they see working far underground, while cherishing dreams of a better life such as we live.

在中國青海省祁連山區的礦區中,有無數個小煤窯。礦工都是來自附近的農民,他們渾身黝黑,每天挑 30 擔煤,每月掙 500 元,和我們一樣幻想著美好的生活。該片紀錄了他們勞動本身以及他們的生命,紀錄他們沉重的呼吸和目光,紀錄他們頭頂上掛著的那一盞小煤油燈,紀錄在幾百米深井下的勞動,紀錄他們在黑暗的注視下爬向太陽般的洞口。

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