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  • Faith 信心(Out of stock)

Faith 信心(Out of stock)

Wei Xueqi 衛學奇

Chinese , 2008/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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Synopsis: Director Bai was the person-in-charge of local church. There were five gatherings in Yiminhe while only one of them was legal. Every day, Director Bai had to rush to different gatherings. So she wanted to build a big church which could accommodate all gatherings. After two years of effort, the project of building the church had been approved. With insufficient funds, the church was built by money raised by Christians and other churches, this was also the time when this documentary video started. Though encountered enormous obstacles, the church was completed eventually. Costing more than one million RMB, the construction of church has trapped Director Bai in great debts. The contractor refused to hand over the church to the Christians.

Depressed but still faithful, Director Bai worked hard to raise money while Christians could only use their original venues for gatherings.


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