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  • Yan Mai 掩埋(Out of stock)

Yan Mai 掩埋(Out of stock)

Wang Libo 王利波

Chinese , 2009/01

Tags: China Studies, Sociology

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July 27th, 1976 - a day the people of Tangshan will never forget. When that fateful day ended, tens of thousands had been killed, and the lives of the survivors would be changed forever. No public official, no expert, nor anyone among the seismological personnel - regardless of what they were doing that day - should ever forget.
History will always remember the twilight of that day.

1976 年 7 月 27 日,唐山人永遠無法忘記的一天。這一天過後,數十萬親人的生命結束了,還有數十萬倖存者由此而改變了一生!那些與唐山大地震有關的中國地震界的官員、專家以及工作者們,無論在這一天做了什麼,他們都不應該忘記。

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