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  • Red Art 紅色美術(Out of stock)

Red Art 紅色美術(Out of stock)

Hu Jie 胡傑, Ai Xiaoming 艾曉明

Chinese , 2007/01

Tags: China Studies, Politics

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'Red Art' reflects the rise of the scenes about the posters during the Cultural Revolution in 1966 and how posters were used as a propaganda; and interviews former painters, Red Guard, today's researchers and collectors at home and abroad who talk about the meaning of the posters.

'Red Art' is the second documentary after the documentary makers finished the first one 'Painting for the Revolution: Peasants Painters in Hu County', which documents how folk art was transformed by the political campaigns, and records the artists' memory of this unusual period of history.

'Red Art' rhymes with 'Red Guard', which implies a metaphorical significance. As Mao's poems usually convey the impression of 'sunset as blood-red', the title of the film summarizes Mao's imagination of the revolution and the cost that people and art had to pay.



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