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  • Under The Skyscraper 高樓下面(Out of stock)

Under The Skyscraper 高樓下面(Out of stock)

Du Haibin 杜海濱

Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Life and Change

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Out Of Stock

A Yi and A Bing are both working in the same company, living in the basement 4 of a luxury building with both business and residence attributes. A Yi went back to his hometown at Sichuan before Chinese New Year, so he could earn double wage for the Chinese New Year duty. The movie records the whole process of him back to home. His home is at a mountain, has elders and kids at home, has many trivial things waits him to settle.
A Bing married when he is forty. After finish the marriage outside Beijing, he came back to company. He has no feel to his newly married wife, A Jiao. He still thinks of his ex-girlfriend who has cohabited with him for 3 years. After Chinese New Year, A Bing's wife came to Beijing, live with him in the underground. A Yi came back from hometown before Chinese New Year. Their boring and storyless lives continued.
New Year Eve, company organized get-together party and Karaoke. Snowy night, security guards used walky talky excitingly to congratulate each other the come of New Year.


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