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  • Shangshu Academy Witness 上書院記事(Out of stock)

Shangshu Academy Witness 上書院記事(Out of stock)

Zhao Gang 趙剛

Chinese , 2010/01

Tags: China Studies, Life and Change

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12th May, 2008, Shangshu academy (SEMINARIUM ANNUNTIATIONIS) of Bailu town collapsed in the Wenchuan earthquake. Over a hundred years ago, French missionaries built the Catholic Seminary now known as Shangshu Academy. Tang Min, a local Catholist had a conflict with the nearby Jiang family due to economic benefit among employed clearing earthquake rubble from the site. The grudge of Jiang's family against Tang Min finally resulted in a vicious incident due to a quarrel. The father and the son of Jiang's family brutally murdered Tang Min's wife and daughter. In the face of the calamity, Tang Min was at a loss .... <br><br>
This is a record about survival, development and faith. Both growth and faith are essential to human life.

5.12 汶川大地震把白鹿上書院震垮了。上書院是法國傳教士一百年前來白鹿鎮修建的一所天主教神哲學院。當地教民唐敏在清理垮塌的廢墟時,因經濟利益與鄰居蔣家發生了衝突,蔣家對唐敏的嫉恨終於因一場口角之爭釀成惡性事件,唐敏的妻子和女兒竟然被蔣家父子殘酷地殺害了。天災人禍使得教民唐敏茫然不知所措……

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