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  • The 7th Medical Room 七區病房(Out of stock)

The 7th Medical Room 七區病房(Out of stock)

Zhang Tianhui 張天輝

Chinese , 2007/01

Tags: China Studies, Medical Science & Health Care

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The 7th Medical Ward, often called the "110 Ward" is a medical facility that holds mentally disabled homeless persons picked up by the Xiamen police. Here they receive treatment free of charge. They have no caregivers, no addresses and no income. They have been completely discarded by society....
Zhu Huaqiang, Little Xinjiang, Xiao Ling and Wang Lizhi are the four patients who have made the most progress. They talk about their past in a blurred, confused manner. Some were abandoned by their families while others don’t want to leave. They come to depend on each other and face life together.

七區病房,俗稱「110病房」,專門免費接收員警送來的在廈門流浪的「三無」精神病患者。他們沒有監護人,沒有詳細地址,沒有生活來源。他們是一群被拋棄的人…… <br><br>

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