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  • Wind Flower Snow Moon 風花雪月(Out of stock)

Wind Flower Snow Moon 風花雪月(Out of stock)

Yang Jianjun 陽建軍

Chinese , 2008/01

Tags: China Studies, Family

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This is a home video about a family that specializes in Fengshui. There have been 11 generations and most of the men in this family have carried on the geomantic craft. In the calamitous year of 2008, the 90 years old grandfather, the ninth generation successor of the family, celebrated the birth of his two great-grandchildren while burying his own son who died of cancer. The documentary centers around the family and shows different viewpoints of Chinese to all kinds of death. The name of the film, Wind flower Snow Moon, is actually the name of the coronach that the geomancers sing when they worship Buddha in the funeral. It suggests that life is eventually emptiness from birth, aging, illness to death. In the meantime, people struggle to live in the present.


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