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  • Secondary School 中學(Out of stock)

Secondary School 中學(Out of stock)

Tammy Cheung 張虹

English, Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Education

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Shot over three months, the film chronicles the daily lives of two well-respected "Band One" secondary schools, one for boys and one for girls. Using the "direct cinema" approach, the documentary takes a close look at the present condition of the school system.


Known for being highly competitive and exam-orientated, the Hong Kong education system has been undergoing various reforms for more than 15 years. After the Handover in 1997, the Special Administrative Region government determined to uproot the colonial legacy by imposing a series of reforms which either have been abandoned half-way or carried out half-heartedly. Today, education reform remains as one of the most controversial issues in this city of seven million people.

這出紀錄片記述本港兩家聲譽優良的  "Band One" 中學的日常生活,其中包括:上課、早會、老師會議、課外活動及家長工作坊等活動。這出電影嘗試去瞭解老師教學目的與方法,學生的價值觀,學校對男女角色的看法,家長與子女的關係,英語教學的情況及教師的處境等各方面情況。

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