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  • Children of Blessing (DVD) 神佑的孩子 (DVD)(Out of stock)

Children of Blessing (DVD) 神佑的孩子 (DVD)(Out of stock)

An Education in China

Brian Keeley, Jiang Xueqin

Chinese , 2005/01

Tags: China Studies, Education

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This film follows the hardships Lahu girls face as they come down from the hills to enroll at a Chinese primary school. The Chinese students laugh as the Lahu girls who finish last in races and on tests. One girl falls ill, and is sent home; another finds out her mother has run away. The girls' teacher feels frustrated and hopeless; the school principal wishes he had never admitted them. Can the Lahu girls make it in modern-day China? And what price will they have to pay? Do Chinese schools empower or assimilate China's minority children? "Children of Blessing" takes a controversial stance on this ever sensitive question.


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