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  • Women Matchmaker (DVD) 媒婆 (DVD)(Out of stock)

Women Matchmaker (DVD) 媒婆 (DVD)(Out of stock)

Hu Jie 胡傑

Chinese , 2002/01

Tags: China Studies, Cultural Studies

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In order to find a matchmaker of visual inspiration, the director selected one from among more than 10 persons. He followed the matchmaker to the families in the villages and captured the real joy and suffering of everyday life. There is no other artistic method that can portray the lives and express the feelings of people there.

為了尋找這樣一個有視覺靈感的媒婆,導演尋訪了將近 10 多個媒人,最後選中了片中的媒婆形象。導演於是跟著這個媒婆走村竄戶,目睹了一幕幕超越生活經驗的悲歡離合。除了那片大地之外,沒有一種藝術形式能夠承擔起那裏人們沉重的生活和情感!

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