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  • Torch Troupes 火把劇團

Torch Troupes 火把劇團

Xu Xin 徐辛

Chinese , 2006/01

Tags: China Studies, Civic Organizations

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"Torch Troupes" got their name from the Cultural Revolution period when traditional Sichuan Opera shows were prohibited in public and troupes were obliged to tour remote rural areas and to perform underground at night. Torches were used for lighting, thus the genesis of "torch troupes".

In 2001, six national Sichuan Opera companies were integrated into one. Beside a few tours abroad, they have been almost out of activity and out of Chengdu residents' sight. Smaller local troupes were dismissed Today, the informal show groups created by Sichuan Opera actors sent off by national companies in 1990s have become new "torch troupes" struggling for existence in rapidly changing times…

「火把劇團」 的稱呼來自于文革期間,當時傳統的川劇劇目在公共演出場所被禁,但偏遠的農村卻在私下演出,因常在夜間,需用火把照明,漸漸有此稱呼。

2001 年,成都的 6 個國家川劇團合併為一個劇團,除了出國演出外,在成都都基本沒有演出任務了。而更多的地方小型川劇團均遭解散。現在的「火把劇團」就是在 20 世紀 90 年代後,在國營川劇團漸至解散,演員下崗後自行組建的民間演出組織。它的產生,發展和消亡都與時代息息相關...

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