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  • 北山汲古 The Bei Shan Tang Legacy ( Out of stock)

北山汲古 The Bei Shan Tang Legacy ( Out of stock)

中國書法 Chinese Calligraphy

Art Museum, CUHK

English, Chinese , 2014/04 Art Museum, CUHK

Tags: Art

360 x 260 mm , 750pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-988-19490-5-9

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This project not only added to the past collaborations between the Art Museum and the Department of Fine Arts, but also provided the faculty and students with a valuable opportunity to engage as a team in art-historical research. Side by side with the introductory essay by Professor Harold Mok, Chairman of the Department of Fine Arts, are eight others by young scholars trained in Ph.D. or M.Phil. Programme in Chinese art history. The 100 entries also include the work of recent graduates or current postgraduates students. The production of such an ambitious catalogue in three volumes represents an important step towards a more comprehensive study of Bei Shan Tang Collection and a better understanding of Chinese calligraphy.

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