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  • (Out of Stock) Nails 釘子

(Out of Stock) Nails 釘子

Lan Lan 藍藍

Bilingual , 2013/11 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 109 mm , 60pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-627-0

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Following the convening of Hong Kong International Poetry Nights 2013, Islands or Continents is a collection of selected works by some of the most internationally acclaimed poets today. The poem of "Nails" by Lan Lan (China) is finest contemporary poetry in trilingual or bilingual presentation.

藍藍,1967 年出生於山東煙台, 中國有影響力的抒情詩人之一。出版有詩歌多部, 其中包括《含笑終生》( 1990)、《內心生活》( 1997)、《睡夢 睡夢》( 2003)、《從這裏, 到這裏》( 2010); 並出版了散文和兒童文學多部。她的作品被翻譯成十種語言。獲得 1996 年度劉麗安詩歌獎, 被選為中國「女詩人十佳」。2009 年獲得四項中國詩歌獎:「詩歌與人」詩人獎、「中國十佳詩人獎」、「宇龍詩歌獎」和「冰心兒童文學新作獎」。她多次參加國際詩歌節, 現居北京。    

Born in 1967 in Yantai, Shandong province, Lan Lan is considered one of today’s most influential Chinese lyrical poets. She is the bestselling author of several poetry titles including Life with a Smile (1990), Inner Life (1997), Dream, Dream (2003), and From Here, to Here (2010). Also a prolific prose and children’s fiction writer, her work has been translated into ten languages. Awarded the Liu Li’an Poetry Prize in 1996, she was voted the top writer of the “Best Ten Women Poets” in China. In 2009, she received four of China’s highest literary honors: the “Poetry & People” Award, the Yulong Poetry Prize, the “Best Ten Poets in China” Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature New Work Award. A regular guest at international poetry festivals, she lives in Beijing.

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