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  • (out of Stock) My Own Voice 我自己的聲音

(out of Stock) My Own Voice 我自己的聲音

Zeyar Lynn 颯雅.林恩

Bilingual , 2013/11 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 109 mm , 48pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-617-1

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Following the convening of Hong Kong International Poetry Nights 2013, Islands or Continents is a collection of selected works by some of the most internationally acclaimed poets today. The poem of "My Own Voice" by Zeyar Lynn (Myanmar) is finest contemporary poetry in trilingual or bilingual presentation.

颯雅. 林恩, 緬甸現代詩人, 已出版七本詩集、兩本國際詩人詩作翻譯選本( 包括中文詩)、五本譯詩集( 西爾維亞. 普拉斯、日本現代詩選、日本短歌集、約翰. 阿斯伯里, 以及查爾斯. 伯恩斯坦), 以及三本詩論與詩學文集。他還將緬甸文譯為英文。

  在緬甸詩歌界, 林恩積極介紹蘇聯後俄語詩歌、紐約派、語言派(L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E) 寫作、Flarf詩歌運動, 以及泛稱為「後現代」的詩歌, 因而響出名堂。

  林恩在仰光首辦聯合國教科文組織「世界詩歌日」,現在該活動已在緬甸廣為人知。在緬甸, 林恩打破主流的「現代」( 緬甸文為Khit Por) 詩而享負盛名。他開創了一個新的詩歌方向, 偏重建構而非表達, 偏重理智而非抒情。同時,他一直關注社會政治事件。他於2004 年發表「後現代( Post - Khitpor ) 宣言」,啟發年輕一代去發掘一條正統和主流詩歌模式之外的新路徑。「現代」( Khit Por ) 詩歌仍是主流,「當代詩」卻已成為「另類」詩歌。

  林恩曾參加2012 年倫敦國際詩歌節。其詩作英譯本收錄於《骨將鳴:緬甸當代詩人十五人》。

他現居於仰光, 在一所私立學校中教授英語, 並編輯緬甸詩歌三季刊《詩世界》。


Zeyar Lynn, a contemporary Myanmar poet, has already published seven collections of poetry, two anthologies of miscellaneous poetry translations of internationally acclaimed poets including Chinese, five translations of poems (Sylvia Plath, modern Japanese poetry, Japanese tanka, John Ashbery, and Charles Bernstein), and three books of collected articles on poetry and poetics. He also translates from Myanmar to English.

He is known for having introduced post-Soviet Russian poetry, the New York School of poetry, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry, Flarf, and what is generally termed “postmodern” poetry into Myanmar.

He was also the first to organize the UNESCO World Poetry Day event in Yangon, which has now become popular throughout the country.

He has earned a reputation in Myanmar for having broken against the mainstream “Khit Por” (Myanmar for “modern”) poetry and set out a different path that is recognizably constructivist rather than expressionist, cerebral rather than emotional, while at the same time not losing sight of the political events in society. His Post-Khitpor Manifesto (2004) opened the way for the younger generation to look for a way out of the dominant and mainstream poetic model. While Khit Por is still mainstream, contemporary poetry has now become its alternative, or “Other.”

He participated in the 2012 London Parnassus International Poetry Festival. His poems have appeared in English in Bones Will Crow: 15 Contemporary Burmese Poets.

Currently, he lives in Yangon where he teaches English in a private school and also works as an editor of the triquarterly Myanmar poetry magazine called Poetry World.

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