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  • (Out of Stock) Ouroboros 銜尾蛇

(Out of Stock) Ouroboros 銜尾蛇

Aase Berg 沃瑟•拜麗耶

Bilingual , 2013/11 International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press

Tags: Literature, Poetry, Translation, Bilingual, International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong

170 x 109 mm , 108pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-996-612-6

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Following the convening of Hong Kong International Poetry Nights 2013, Islands or Continents is a collection of selected works by some of the most internationally acclaimed poets today. The poem of "Ouroboros" by Aase Berg (Sweden) is finest contemporary poetry in trilingual or bilingual presentation.

沃瑟. 拜麗耶生於1967 年, 瑞典女詩人、文學批評家, 曾獲瑞典與德國文學獎項。其詩作已被翻譯成多種語言, 在美國已出版四部英譯詩集。其早期散文體詩集《與鹿同在》( 1997) 和《暗物》( 1999) 明顯受超現實主義影響, 晦暗而充滿幻覺, 怪誕滑稽而具末日氣象。之後她開始創作高密度的短詩, 語言則具有實驗性, 還出版有根據個人經驗而創作的《母親三部曲》, 描寫懷孕、害怕流產及新生兒嬉戲的快樂。儘管她的詩集多少具有政治意味, 比方說, 她通過某種市場化詞彙來揭示現代經濟及其日常生活結果之間的關聯, 但其最新作品將政治性推至極致, 她將全球政治的詞彙置於一種古怪地暈頭轉向而五音不全的母雞的合唱之中。書中有些詩作則出自一種「自然的壓倒一切之冷漠」的想法, 因為自然對立於自戀的社會與宗教而做出客觀的反應。拜麗耶的作品帶有強烈的自然觀, 而她對動物的超乎人類體驗的看法也極有興趣。目前, 她正在根據其飼養馬的日常生活經驗而創作一部新詩集。拜麗耶居住在瑞典北方森林中的一個小農場裡。

Aase Berg was born in Sweden in 1967. She is a poet and a literary critic, and has received literary awards in Sweden and Germany. Her works have been translated into several languages. In USA she has four books published. Her early books, With Deer (1997) and Dark Matter (1999),are surrealist-influenced collections of dark, hallucinatory, apocalyptic, grotesque and gurlesque prose poetry. Later, she started writing dense, short poems with experimental language, and published The Mommy Trilogy, based on her experience of being a mother—pregnancy, the fear of loss and the happiness of kids playing. Her latest book is the most political one, even though all of her poetry collections are political in certain ways; for example, she tries to reveal the lies of the modern economy and its consequenses in everyday life through a kind of marketing vocabulary. In her latest book, she puts the words of global politics in a choir of weirdly confused and dyslectic chickens. The book also contains poems inspired by an idea of “the overwhelming indifference of nature,” as nature acts objectively against narrcissistic society and religion. Through all her poetry collections there is also a strong notion of nature, and she is very interested in the perception of animals beyond the human experience. At the moment she is working on a poetry collection based on her everyday life with horses.

Aase Berg is based in the north of Sweden. She lives on a small farm in the woods.

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