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MINUSCITY (Out of Stock)

16th Graduation, Master of Architecture, CUHK

Publication Team, Grad Show Committee

English , 2012/05 School of Architecture, CUHK

Tags: Architecture

210 x 148 mm , 510pp ISBN / ISSN : 978-962-8272-02-0

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Confronted by the composite city, what we see are the densely built urban environment, intertwining circulations and flows, overlapping social phenomena, segregation and mismatching of social capital. The city has its complex network and relations. It is full of holes and minuses, but still, we have a glimpse of the hidden potentials and possibilities.

Before we add [+], we first subtract [-]. We attempt to reduce, distil and subtract the city’s complexity into parts and layers, to an extent that we become able to read and to understand what the minuses are, what the city is really missing and the potential that can be intensified to bring about changes.

We construct our own MINUSCCITY that represents our ideas, our fantasies and our visions, which we believe are the missing ingredients in the city. It is a compilation of all our theses, composing a journey for the readers to experience the ideals we have created.

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